Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greenly, Woodly

There was a period in middle school when Hopie and I rode to school on our horses. I knew the back way down through our hay fields, across the river, across the neighbor's place, through a housing development, down the PSE&G gas pipeline, and across the football field to school. This was before cell phones, google maps. We just slipped on our backpacks, saddled up, and trespassed to school. We tied the horses up in the ravine where the high school punks smoked cigarettes. I think I must have taken them somewhere to get water in the middle of the day? I guess my parents knew we were doing this?

I don't remember those details. But I do know we were LARPing the hell out of our Laura Ingalls Wilder fantasy in suburban New Jersey, so help me god. 

On Memorial Day Hopie and I tromped down into the woods on the farm in search of childhood antics, the last jack-in-the-pulpits, the first may apples. Lemon and Pie are long gone, so we walked.

Dyna swam across the river and chased crayfish. Hopie found the spot where we built a tepee one summer when we were obsessed with the Lenni-Lenape Indians (who, to be clear, did not live in tepees. Details.). That was the summer my mom signed us up for tracking camp at the local nature preserve; this bandana'd dude who looked like a Muppet must have smoked A LOT of weed before leading a bunch of middle schoolers through the tick-infested woods of New Jersey in an army crawl.

I still have a plaster cast of a fox print somewhere.

I graduated from my MFA program last week and wore my billowing purple robe and velvet hood on the subway and told a group of school kids I was headed to a Quidditch match. Which is, essentially, what an MFA in studio art really is. I am now a Master. I'm thrilled. I wish I could have kept the robe, for subway riding if for nothing else. 

Hopie and I leave for Bagru, India in exactly one week to work on the next line for Block Shop. And we are bringing the mother, which is terrifying for all parties involved. (MOM IF YOU'RE READING THIS YOU'D BETTER BE PACKED.) 

One last thing: the spring issue of Lapham's Quarterly. The theme is animals. It is perfect. Get it.

All pictures from my iPhone, some Instagrizzled. 


  1. sounds like a magical weekend adventure. congrats on your graduation. perhaps all grad ceremonies should end with a quiddich match; would be nice. i'm a little in love with your adorable corgi.

  2. Do you know where in NYC I can pick up a copy of Lapham's?

    1. Hi Lila, most book stores should have it! I picked mine up at St. Mark's Bookshop in the East Village. Hope you get it- it's divine spring reading. A keeper.

  3. I love your childhood, Lily.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to see what adventures you have in store.

  4. This looks a lot like hill country here in Texas. Such a dream.

    Congrats on the MFA! I lol'ed at the quidditch response.

  5. That's about the last thing I would've wanted in middle school, since I'm from Texas and was on a mission to let everyone know that no, Texans don't all ride horses to school; and yes, we know what Nintendo is thankyouverymuch. Now, however, I would *love* to ride a horse to...anywhere, really.

    Congratulations again on finishing! And I cannot wait to see more of your India and Block Shop adventures.

  6. Lapham's Quarterly...and just like that I know what I'm asking for for my upcoming berfday. And congratulations on being a Master, lady. That's the coolest. xoxo

  7. you are out of control and i love it

  8. these are the best photos i've seen of anything, ever, in such a long time, i almost want to cry. (well, the crying part is probably also attributable to hormones, yay.) thank you thank you thank you for always sharing so much beauty. <3

  9. Congrats on your MFA! Beautiful photos... I'll now be pointing people to this post when they ask me what exit in NJ I grew up by. (Why is it so hard to convince people that NJ doesn't all look like the opening credits of The Sopranos?)

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  11. I was obsessed with horses as a kid (still am) and we had three. Also obsessed by the Laura Ingalls lifestyle which was weird being in Italy. I wanted to wear a bonnet and long shirts and go through the fields with my dog. People thought i was crazy.
    Congratulation on you graduation. School is over. Must be a good feeling.

  12. Hey Lilly, great pictures! Have fun in Jaipur, drink some chai for me!

  13. I am (hopefully) a few weeks from becoming a Master and SO can't wait for the quidditch style parade, as the fight for knowledge has been a bit exhausting (and everything i dream of now is forests, possibly with horses). have fun in India, and i cant wait when you guys start shipping to Europe!

  14. You're one of my favorite blogging people. Congrats on the MFA. A more deserving soul I cannot imagine.

  15. Congratulations on your MFA, Master Lily! (I so desperately wanted people to call me Master Erica, but sadly, no one obliged ;)

    Riding horses to school sounds like a dream. Hope you three have a lovely trip to India.

  16. If you could just keep living and sharing the epic life you lead, that'd be great. No pressure at all. :)

    Congratulations on the MFA and I can't wait to see what Block Shop churns up in the future!

  17. Wow, what an amazing post! Beautifully captured and well spoken! I want to go to the farm! Congrats on the MFA and the quidditch match!

  18. Who the heck didn't want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder? I even showed up to a grade school tea party in some prairie get-up once (which proved to be a slightly embarrassing mishap) but STILL. I loved Anne of Green Gables too.

    Have a lovely time in Bagru with mom and sis!

    Congrats, Master Lils!


  19. What beautiful photos! They make me want to get my wellington boots on and get outside!

  20. 1. I am around if you want to make cheese later.
    3. Well done, dear lady. Well done.

  21. Hah! I love your blog. This post in particular made me smile. Thanks!

  22. OMG CORGI SWIMMING. Thanks for such lovely eye and written candy. :) Can't wait to see what adventures you have back in India again, O Master!

  23. Trespassing on horses is a legit hobby of mine. It's probably way more excusable for two high-schoolers to be doing it than a full-grown woman, but weirdly, people rarely seem to mind. Sometimes they look like they're about to say something, and then they notice the enormous horse under me and they stop and usually just wave. Except for the bastards at the town golf course. They didn't like me leaving hoof holes on the edge of their green (but it's so smooth and level and perfect for running fast!) very much. You look stupid in pastel plaid! That's what I'll yell next time.

    Happy trails!
    P.S. Pie <3

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