Saturday, April 6, 2013


We went to our dear friends' sweeeeet, sweet wedding in Gainesville, Florida a few weeks ago in a 36-hour break from thesis prep and Block Shop insanity. I bought an electric-blue pin-up bengaline dress on the Bowery on my way from class to the airport, which, as one might imagine, did not particularly compliment the deliciously Southern Gothic, Alachua County vibe, but never mind, the wedding was a ball. 

Before heading home I stuffed my carry-on with foraged epiphytes from the live oak in the hotel parking lot (illegal? probably), which are now hanging all over our nanoscale Brooklyn apartment bathroom like so many Himalayan hairless spiders. P. has some thoughts about this but I'm not going to share them here.

That whole weekend I kept thinking about The Orchid Thief, and, tangentially, how Susan Orlean is really good on Twitter. But I might be biased because a) I love Susan Orlean and b) I have a proclivity for people who Tweet about their chickens. (Related people who are good at things: Chris Cooper as John Laroche in Adaptation. Genius.) 

But back to Florida for a second, and this big f*cking mothership of a staghorn fern, this polypod Death Star I found in the swamp:

Sometimes nature is such a crackerjack I think I can't make art any more, because you try making a painting better than that staghorn fern. If nature is queen, art is her jester. 

On the flight back to JFK I finished the best novel I've read in 2013: Mat Johnson's hilarious, ingenious Pym. Featuring Edgar Alan Poe, an unpublished slave narrative, an all-black expedition to Antarctica, yetis fighting over Little Debbie® snack cakes, and a repositioning of African-American literature in the context of climate change and the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. HOW CAN YOU RESIST. 

Ok, that is not all, but it's all for now. Have a great weekend. 


  1. Your posts seriously rock my world. Loved this, thanks for all the inspiration! XX Jessica

  2. Gainesville is my former home. I'm in Oklahoma City now. Oh, how I miss that Spanish moss. The swamp, the cypress, the palms and the live oaks...thank you for taking me home for a few minutes!

  3. What's fun is seeing staghorns being held up by chains slung over a live oak....those are the beasts!

  4. What a great post. I love your line, "If nature is queen, then art is her jester."
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. That looks like the perfect little trip. Adaptation is one of my all time favorites.

    Thanks for the book suggestion. I could use some story in my life. It's been full of non-fiction lately, which is fine, but fiction is better.

  6. major props and points for film-title blogging!!! air double double kiss kiss! xo

  7. i am in the process of finishing pym right this very minute, and joe refuses to believe he needs to read a book about ice honkies. wrong, dear joe, wrong like a two-hundred-year-old skeleton in a backpack! mat j.'s footnotes are still a wee bit clunky, though. i'm a footnote snob.

    1. so effing tickled you read it, how incredible is just the IDEA of snow honkies (poor augustus!), the biodome sh*t is beyond, and yes, the footnotes are hard after DFW, but i can forgive. go mat johnson, go!

      ps why didn't this get more love in the reviews/press? love me an outlier.

  8. These photos are gorgeous. Now I'm dying to go to Florida and soak in the humidity!

  9. Now that your thesis show is over, do we get to see the new work? The peeks on the instagram make me so curious where you are headed!

  10. That book sounds amazing. But not as amazing as that FANTASTIC FERN.

  11. Darn you and your book enabling. Two more added to my Amazon wish list! :) Looks like a gorgeous place to have a wedding, especially when you add tons of string lights to the equation. SoCal needs more creeper vines!

  12. Every time we go to Florida I start thinking about The Orchid Thief... and then inevitably wind up buying another copy so I can re-read it while I'm down there. Such a beautiful book...

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