Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hazelnut Pollen for Midwinter Malaise

Pictures from our anual trip to Franconia, New Hampshire, just after Christmas. Suddenly I find myself slunk dark and deep (to borrow words from part-time Franconian, full-time depressive Robert Frost) into that cheerless corner of the calendrical doldrums: the third week of February.

But have no fear, internets! New York institutions seem to roll out the jocular art this time of year to keep the old chin up:

Wolfgang Laib's hazelnut pollen piece at MoMA
Dieter Roth's chocolate factory at Hauser + Wirth
Giorgio Griffa's nonchalant unstretched linen paintings at Casey Kaplan

Also? I have a small solo show opening this week and my thesis show opens in six weeks. And we're relaunching Block Shop with new inventory, like, any MOMENT. Hence the especially quiet blog these days- more Vietnam posts to come when I can manage. Thanks for sticking with me and have a marvelous weekend!


  1. Just so ya know, I wuz here. And I still have the attention span for LOL (lots o' Lil).

  2. What an idyllic place, the snow and the tucked up cozy cabin and the photo -laying down with a book by the fire- must be a restorative/creative space there in that little cabin. I am happy to hear that your Block Shop is re-opening, I missed it the first time round! I have been behind in blogging and visiting, so it served me right. I hope to buy something from your new stock though. Good luck with both your shows.

  3. i stared at the first picture fro a few minutes. That is my dream house. I would totally live there, all year round. Paradise.
    GOOOOOD LUCK with the opening!!

  4. what a great house. Did you rent it? If so, can you share where you found it?

    1. Thank you! Sadly it's not a rental; it's my husband's grandparents' place. The little cabin in the first pictures and the house in the last belong to neighbors down the road.

  5. i've just been re-reading my old poetry textbooks from uni, and re-discovered that same robert frost line...for some reason, it sounds like a cozy blanket to me now, rather than the cold barrenness i felt from it when i read it all those years ago. (maybe it's the "lovely" in front? who knows...) anyway. isn't it nice to have beautiful words, arranged so simply + effectively, to think on?

    good luck with the show...! i'm sure it'll be stellar. <3

  6. Wolfgang Laib is the perfect cure for February. Saw an exhibition of his work in Seattle about a decade ago and I can still see the blinding shades of yellow pollen and smell the amazing scent of the beeswax chamber.
    Note to go buy some beeswax candles. Actually, great idea would be a beeswax pendant of sorts to wear around. How to manage that?
    The emoji art history meme makes me think of you.

  7. Yeesh, I wish I was closer to check out your shows - I can't wait to see pikchas! And any moment for Block Shop... I couldn't be any further on the edge of my seat. I'm set on the Mosaic in marigold. Last launch, I was sure I wanted Flock in black and red, but then I saw all the other ones, and wasn't able to make up my mind until they were all sold out. But I think I've finally made up my mind and I am ready!

  8. Oh gosh! I just love those blue shutters!

    Also, you are not alone in your S.A.D. ;)

  9. Solo show! Thesis Show! Block Shop! Yay!!! (screw you, Winter)


  10. I just helped Wolfgang Laib install a wax room at The Phillips Collection in DC. Yesterday was our last big day. It's funny to see him here on your blog when we were slaving away yesterday, haha.

  11. What a cool cabin.
    I am finding myself "dark and deep" as well. February is truly an inspiration zapper.

  12. Eagerly anticipating the Block Shop opening! I'm with Liz---I waited too long on the first launch and when I'd finally made up my mind they were all gone. Can't WAIT to get my hands on an Arrows scarf :)

  13. Love that cabin and your trip - fresh at the beginning of winter and inspirational hibernation. Now the hibernating is getting to me too. Maybe a Block Shop scarf will help ;)

  14. What an awesome winter getaway. So snuggly and warm.


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