Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week in Review

{Maine, Lady Aviators, and The Sunbelt Express}

I needed a week off the blogs after that last post, mostly to mull over your (as usual) brilliant, insightful, amusing, tough-love-but-galvanizing comments (also, to catch up on work, emails, laundry, emails, and work). Good work, team. Seriously.

The week in review:

1. It's not without outdated cultural stereotyping, but Beryl Markham's aviation expeditions in Africa from the 1930s make for some of the best armchair traveling I've done in ages. Savoring every page of her adventure classic West With the Night and never want it to end. My next pet flying she-squirrel will be named Beryl, mark my words.

2. I met my dear friend Evan Buxbaum on a plane to Mongolia in 2004. Now he's making his first feature-length film, and it's a comedy about illegal immigration. Hahahaha! No, really, it's going to be amazing. But their Kickstarter campaign needs a boost and the clock is ticking. Sun Belt Express. Check it out.

3. Will Self's interview in The Paris Review is disturbing, frustrating, and annoying, but this part was worth sharing:

I didn’t go completely luddite for a while though. Dr Mukti was the first book I wrote on a typewriter in around 2003. I’ve written all of my books since on a manual typewriter...[t]o get away from the Internet and from the subsonic sound of a computer. I come in to my study every morning and I write first drafts on the manual and I don’t even turn the computer on until after lunch. I don’t like having the machine on in the room. I find it very weird and oppressive. The whole aesthetics of computers very much feeds into my OCD. They fill my head with obsessionalities and my actions become very repetitive. It seems quite inimical to the dreamy state out of which fiction comes which seems so much less causally repetitive than the way one works on computers.

On that note, we head to Iceland on Saturday, were we will remain -sweet baby Krishna help us- unplugged and offline for five. whole. days. Occaaaaysional updates from the road might appear on my Instagram (hover over images for descriptions) but I ain't making any promises. We aim to get as far afield as possible. Give me geothermal anomalies or give me death!

Have a great weekend, cats! And to you new folks who magically tripled my traffic after the Airing My Marriage Laundry On the Clothesline of the Internet post (as my mom put it), welcome to the fray. 


  1. Thank you for the interesting links Lily.I seem to be collecting book titles lately...I need to collect some reading time too! Wishing you some great geothermal fun in Iceland-xx

  2. That first photo! Gorge as in gorgeous! LOVE Beryl Markham too, and I imagine you've read Out of Africa which is also exquisite, assuming the same qualifier about outdated cultural stereotyping, colonialism etc. It is still lovely. Ooh... maybe I'll see if someone recorded in on audio. Happy traveling! I've always wanted to go to Iceland and look forward to your updates after re-plugging.

  3. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! iceland!! you must must MUST post at least one shot of something yummy you ate on IG, though, since i cannot seem to find any shots of delicious food from those who have visited (and c'mon, i KNOW y'all are eating over there). though, now that i think about it, i'm fairly certain the view is quite i would understand if you forgot. :)

    SRSLY...have a safe + fun + awesomely beautiful trip. <333

    (and ps. that shot of the pup is like snuggle heaven in my mind. snuggle heaven!!)

  4. eat an *amazing* icelandic hot dog for me! you will have a wonderful time.... i sure did! :)

  5. So happy for you!!!
    Iceland is truly amazing...we were there a couple of weeks ago trekking the Langmannalaugar - Skogar trail aside from venturing Reykjavik and taking a plane to the north of the island. One of the best trips ever.
    I would recommend checking the interior of the lobby of the newly opened 'Hotel Reykjavik Marina' located by the harbour, gorgeous - very nice bar as well. Across the street (forgot the name) there is a very cute restaurant, worth the look.
    Wishing you a safe journey!

    Greetings from Brussels

  6. a pic of the hotel lobby :-)


  7. I LOVE bird dogs who sleep on couches with their heads on pillows with piping, no less :) LOVE Beryl Markham, too. 'West With The Night' is hands down the BEST book I've read about travel/living in Africa, and I've scouted and devoured every Africa memoir I could find... I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!!! Unplugging always gives such great perspective when you return and reconnect. xoxo

  8. haha, marriage laundry. oh, moms.

  9. holy guacamole! Sweet Husboy and I were just talking about going to grad school in Iceland---It would be pretty rad to graduate from Bifrost University.

  10. Well, we can certainly see where you get your gift for visual wording! Love the tripling effect. Sail on. Safe travels. Perseids this weekend!

  11. Have a great time in Iceland! Also, I love the picture of the sleeping pup. Why are sleeping pups always the cutest? Whenever I see my dog sleeping, I desperately want to take a picture of her...every single day. It's a problem.

  12. So glad that Maine was everything you needed, and I can NOT wait to hear and see all about Iceland. What an adventure! That wondrous place is currently number one on our Where To Go Next list.
    Also, aren't Moms the best at saying it how it is? Love that.

  13. Oh wow, so jealous of you going to Iceland. My mom lived there for a bit as a kid and I've always wanted to go! Can't wait to see your lovely photos. And that book sounds like the perfect birthday gift for my mom (to later steal/borrow). Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  14. Semi-related guff for you to get your teeth into once grounded back in NY anything written by Freya Stark the woman was/is a true inspiration and also the travel writings of Paul Theroux just excellent.

    Sorry that you find Will so annoying maybe its a Brit thing but he cracks me up ; )

    Have the most amazing time in Iceland and for the love of the Godess stay away from the Hakarl seriously!
    Jane xx

  15. That one really look like my kind of book. If you are having intense traffic on this blog Lily, is not only for the post about marriage. I always wondered how come you don't have a billion followers. Enjoy iceland! Take pictures of icelandic horses!

  16. Love your comments about your marriage, and have always dreamed of going to Iceland. Happy to have stumbled across your blog. Hubby and I just bought ourselves a 13' Scamp (which is how I found your blog). Quick question on did you keep yourselves warm when you were in colder conditions at night? Did you have a furnace and/or heater of some type or just lots of layers and blankets?

    1. AH! SCAMPERZ! Pls tell me you're documenting some of your Scamp adventures online so I can see? So happy you left a comment! SCAMPERS UNITE!

      Ok, so, heater. We have a somewhat terrifyingly effective propane heater in the Scamp. It's original. It heats the whole thing up in about 2 minutes, and then we usually turned it off and slept like babies. We also had two dogs inside, so the body heat, heaps of feather duvets, and initial heater-blast was plenty to keep us comfortable. In the morning we'd blast the heater again and fire up the stove for tea and coffee, and that did the trick to get us up and at 'em in the AM. Hope that helps!

  17. yay! Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I'll DEFINITELY be documenting our adventures on my blog, but am not officially posting anything online yet since the scamp isn't parked in my driveway, I don't wanna jinx anything ;) soon! we get it on Friday and I cannot get a thing done I'm so excited.

    It doesn't have a heater, and I've heard that a free-standing propane heater is a bad/dangerous idea. We have a 3-year old who will be joining us on all our scamp adventures, so I'm mostly worried about her staying warm...and also thinking I don't want to risk any sketchy propane heater situation when she's with us. Is yours tied into the exterior propane tank?
    ...I think for now we'll just use body heat and down comforters and look into installing a heater/furnace down the road.


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