Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wayward Spark Popovers on the Grill

 {Popovers! On the grill! And We're Going to Iceland!}

How about a trade? I'll give you the most mind-blowingly delicious, ridonkulously simple outdoor popover recipe (discovered via Instagram on my new favorite, utterly inspiring homestead blog, Wayward Spark). In return, you give me your expert travel advice on Paris and Iceland, mkay?

Because P. and I just booked tickets to Paris for one night via a no-extra-cost four day layover in Iceland (I love you, insane Icelandair promos!). Did you just read that correctly? Yes, yes you did. That's like buying a pig and getting a whole truffle forest for free. We're some crazy budget travel mavericks over here, kids. 

So, favorite charming *budget* airbnb place to stay in Paris. Same-same for Reykjavik. Do we rent a car, does P. need to get a Speedo for the Blue Lagoon, where is the best place to go birdwatching, how do I fit an Icelandic pony in my carry-on on the way home, etc. You know, the usual stuff. Spill it. 

Now, as promised:

Wayward Spark Popovers on the Grill
From Camille Storch's absolutely wonderful homesteading blog Wayward Spark. Camille posts recipes regularly on Instagram @waywardspark which are worth checking out as well. I've made her popovers three times now on a gas bbq with stunning results each time- delightfully, this is a pretty fail-proof recipe. But we warned, once out of the grill, they won't last but a minute before people will demand another batch.

3 fresh eggs
1 cup white flour
1 cup milk (I used whole)
2 tablespoons melted butter or olive oil (I used the latter, per Camille's advice)
1/2 teaspoon table salt

Whisk eggs in bowl. Add flour while stirring. Will be lumpy, but no matter. Slowly add milk while whisking until batter is smooth. Whisk in butter/oil. Add salt. 

Lightly grease popover/muffin tins. Fill 2/3 with batter. Place tins on top of pizza stones or oven bricks (to prevent bottoms from burning) in cold grill. Light grill, shut lid, and cook undisturbed for 40 minutes on medium-high heat. Loosen from tins when golden and puffed up, eat with butter and jam while hot. Shazam


  1. WUT. I'm going to Iceland too! All the cool kids are doing it, apparently. When are you going?

    1. also, this video: http://vimeo.com/34234286
      and this website: http://www.sonic-iceland.com/
      this music: http://www.icelandmusic.is/music/made-in-iceland/made-in-iceland-5
      this soup: http://travel.nytimes.com/2006/11/12/travel/12bite.html
      and last but not least... how to knit like an Icelandic man http://vimeo.com/16783518

  2. Oh I have so much to say on these two topics. First, Paris. This is a nice airbnb with a nice host. The double bed is two single beds pushed together but it is still comfortable, and the location is perfecto: http://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/185399

    As for Iceland, the loveliest thing there was going whalewatching from the port in Reykjavic (we didn't see any but it was the wrong season) and then having a fish soup at a small fish place on the port at http://saegreifinn.is/

    And the blue lagoon is a must of course... with speedos.

    Excited for you.

  3. I cannot give you full tips re: Iceland, but you should check out athlete Blair Morrison's trips to Iceland (documented on video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhc0IH3hR-o) for some SERIOUS "holy cow, i cant wait to be there"-ness.


  4. welcome to getting a comment an hour from me for the next fortnight.

    firstly: i have yet to stay at one of their properties myself, but the missus and i booked through rentinreykjavik.com for our trip this fall (that's the site with the pixie-person who popped up in a chat window when i was checking it out). they are helpful and will bargain.

    second: you will be wanting some pho. embrace the icelandic pho. i forget what the place is called, but it's in reykjavik on the walk up laugavegur on the way to hallgrimskirkja, on the left, neon in the steamy windows.

    third: if it works with your schedule, hit the blue lagoon on the way in from keflavik. it's an easy bus ride, and if you're on the early morning flight you'll be the first people there and will dodge the Million Man MudBath.

    fourth: it could be worth your while to rent a car. we didn't (it was march and we decided to focus on the city with a few trips out of town), but a drive south to vik (i love you, farm-puppies of vik) and northward for puffin-ogling - and through thingvellir, o, thingvellir! - is probably in order. tours, which i would otherwise recommend, are deeply expensive.

  5. and sindri at the icelandic tattoo corp. on hverfisgata (on the bay side of laugavegur, parallel) if you need ink. but do not ask him about polar bears.

  6. Iceland? What the what? That is awesome. I really wish that we lived on the east coast because it's so much quicker to get to all the super cool places I wanna visit.

    Now...to the grill for some popovers, I go.

  7. I haven't put her Paris guide to use, but we found Heidi Swanson's recommendations in Rome to be impeccable. I'd give her Paris guide a gander!


  8. yummm. damn, i wish i had a grill right now. (i know you can make popovers in the oven, but the thought of baking in this heat is just...unthinkable. i need a breeze with my fire!)

    also, ICELAND!!! aaah i'm so insanely jealous (and totally happy for you, because you work your butt off and you deserve an amazing, other-worldly vacation, dammit)! :) i look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures, and though i have no recommendations for you myself, having never been there, if you go to wedoiceland.blogspot.com i'm sure you'll find some things to do/love. :)

    as for paris, if you've got one day, i say do the catacombs (for the awesome and bizarre walls of bones) and the musee du moyen age for the gorgeous old stuff (and the unicorn tapestries!). oh, and obviously visit laduree and stuff your face. haha.

    anyway, congrats on the vacay! :D

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  10. Last year my partner and I stayed in this downtown Reykjavik apartment (http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/111385) from airbnb and I couldn't recommend it more (Reykjavik). The owner, Maria, is wonderfully accommodating and her cat would come and go from a very high window.

    We ate toast and lattes at the charming mid-century Kaffi Mokka (http://www.mokka.is/Mokka.html), lunched at Icelandic Fish and Chips (http://www.fishandchips.is/) after whale watching and wandering around the Harpa, and wonderful lobster stew here at Saegreifinn (http://saegreifinn.is/).

    My favorite place in Reykjavik (besides heading out for the Blue Lagoon) is actually the Hofdi House.

    Sounds wonderful!

  11. We just got back from two weeks in Paris! Here's where we stayed: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7397
    It's in the Marais, walking distance to everything, very close to Metro stops. Check out davidlebovitz.com, his blog is fantastic (expat San Franciscan/pastry chef living in Paris.)

  12. I just read this to Kevin, and without looking up, he says, "I'm on Icelandair right now."

  13. Oh my gosh, lucky you! I just got back from Paris and loved this flat. We're talking exposed brick and ceiling rafters!! http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/11848

    You'll have an amazing time in Iceland too. I wrote about my adventures petting Icelandic ponies and swimming in Reykjavik's heated public pools here!

  14. I have no advice, but I'll take the popovers and run.

  15. Iceland apartment to rent: http://www.papermag.com/2012/07/apartments.php! Have an amazing time!

  16. I've never heard of airbnb till now! Really glad you mentioned it!

  17. Jo Nesbo.... I adore his books! I've read each and everyone, and am breathlessly awaiting his newest to be translated...
    As for the popovers...mmm I must try them pronto!
    I made your father in laws granola yesterday (in my brand new, renovated kitchen) and it was fabulous!

  18. I was just looking at tickets to Iceland yesterday! I am envious. I hope you have a blast.

  19. Oh my God I hope you're downloading all the Sigur Ros you can get your hands on. I listened to them when driving the perimeter of Iceland a few years ago and it's amazing because as you see the landscape you FEEL and understand why the music is the way it is. It blew my mind.

    They sell disposable bathing suits at the blue lagoon. Yes, I think you need a car to get to Reykjavik because it's like 45 minutes at least from the airport. Also, you can hit some sights (geysers, waterfalls, etc. that are outside the city). I went for the airwaves festival in October, a multi-day music festival that was incredible. The food is insanely expensive but honestly the hotdogs on the street are fantastic because their brown mustard is amazing (a little sweet. Just delicious), also--the yogurt in the grocery stores is of course awesome. The people were friendly and the town quite cute (pretty small.) Outside the city is STUNNING. Black silt beaches, mossy volcanic rock formations, pink cliffs, wind blown tundras, lush waterfalls, frozen waterfalls, bridges over ice floes, I mean--the place is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. One thing that always makes me think of it is the smell of sulphur. Their water is heated geothermally and smells kind of funny. It bothers some people but for me it just added to the delight of the place. I have a friend from Iceland (born and raised) and if you want her contact info I'd be happy to put you in touch. I am so excited for you. Going to Iceland was one of the best decisions of my life (up there with the decision to start blogging, you know? THAT kind of awesome.) Have so much fun--I can't wait to see your pictures!

  20. Katherine again: just thought of something. Have you seen the movie "Noe"? It's an Icelandic film from 2003 or 2004, maybe. It's set in Iceland-- it's about an Albino kid and I really enjoyed it. If you have time and you can find it, you could watch it before you go!

  21. I've never been, but I just found this insane place on airbnb's frontpage (while looking for a place in Milan - now I wish I were heading north instead) http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/356602 seriously, wow.

  22. Thanks, Lily. This morning, I was wondering why I was suddenly getting a bunch of new Instagram followers. Glad the popover recipe works for you.

  23. I don't really have any travel tips, sorry... but, it's funny you call them popovers as over here they are called yorkshire puddings and we have them with roast beef, BUT (i know, are you still awake?!) my Mum and hers before her (etc) call them poppers. We do actually have routes of family in America. Funny how you realise these things are connected. Well, to me anyway. HA!

  24. iceland! don't tell my boyfriend, he'll be jealous, he's been joking he wants to go there before he turns 30 (not gonna happen, it's next month). have so much fun.

  25. Whoa. You guys are AMAZING. I am hugging you each from across the internets. THANK YOU!!!!!

    P. and I are giddy with anticipation as we carefully click through every single link and rec you've given us. You guys are the *best*. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. Keep it comin!

    me + p.

  26. Sorry I can't give you any tips on Iceland, but I am sure you will enjoy all and every bit of it (because you seem to find the best in everything)! Can't wait to see all the writing and photo-ing about it here:)Have tons of fun!

  27. on breakout icelandic movies, there's 101 reykjavik if you're looking for nightlife, comedy, and incest, and the sea if you're more about the countryside, industrial drama, and, well, incest again. look, it's a country the size of kentucky.

  28. Where the HECK did you get *that* travel deal?!

    Have fun, kiddos! And I look forward to hearing *your* travel recs once you're back!

  29. hi lily,

    i will be going to france for work in the fall and would like to take a side trip did you book through icelandic air direct?

    also my home in vermont is always open an exchange for light chores ( twenty minutes of horse & chicken care twice a day) just so you know. right now august dates and end of september!

  30. Iceland is amazing, I lived there for 3 months.
    Do rent a car. Don't pull over to take pictures unless it's a spot made for stopping (you might sink into the soft ground). Consider not going to the blue lagoon, I find it over rated. Go see the golden circle at least, but rather, drive south or north (to Sneafellsnes peninsula, close to the city and loads of beautiful sights. Go swimming in a natural hot pool and maybe also in the ocean. Have a great time.

  31. okay first of all I hate you. not really , but I am insanely jealous because 1. I love Paris and 2. because all I ever talk about is doing a residency in Iceland. I am so glad you are going to both, it's gonna be incredible!
    In Paris stay in Le Marias if you can, it is my favorite part of town to stay. still central and walking distance to almost everything (the louvre, notre dam, museums, the gardens, st. germain) but quiet and sleepy in the morning, and a little more laid back, but still with all sorts of uber fantastic places right in the neighborhood. please let me know if you need any food, or 'don't miss' recs.
    so stoked for you!

  32. Oh my! I would love to go to Iceland some day!

  33. Oh Iceland. All I do is talk about Iceland, Cape north, Bhutan, India. I know being envy is not good but can't avoid it. I'm stuck here. The coolest thing I'll do in the next three months is 'swim' in my plastic pool.

  34. My husband (Kirk) and I were in Iceland for a couple of days way back in 2005. We didn't have enough money to leave the city, but Reykjavek itself was amazing. We happened to be there during a gallery stroll.. so much great art, so many beautiful people... we even spotted the sisters from the band Mum. We played a show at a record store, met some really nice people, and ended up going to a show at Klink & Bank (too bad that place isn't around anymore: http://www.grapevine.is/Art/ReadArticle/Filling-the-Klink--Bank-Gap )

    We stayed at a hostel on the outskirts of town... it was nice but a really long walk. Ate lots of hot dogs and food from the grocery store... hung out in the amazing downtown library where a Dieter Roth show was up (he lived in Iceland for quite a while).

    Kirk dreams about riding his bike around the entire Ring Road. (http://travel.nytimes.com/2006/06/18/travel/18ring.html?pagewanted=all) I'd be okay with riding in a car instead. Either way, we can't wait to get back there.

    And Paris? Ah... but I've already written too much. :)

  35. My husband I and I recently spent two weeks in Paris and my biggest recommendation? DO stop by the Luxembourg garden, prettiest park ever. Bring a book and or a notebook and you'll feel like the luckiest person on urf. Secondly, read Paris to the Moon while you're there! You will sometimes be like: Oh, you're such a snob, Adam Gopnik, but you'll end up loving him anyway.

  36. how the hell did I miss this post?! I'm so going to make these popovers - I will have to take control of another man's grill since we don't have one but I can be cute and charming when necessary. ALSO - the trip is not only the savviest of the savvy but sounds absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for those photographs and stories.

  37. just stumbled across your blog, lovely!

    paris: if i had just one day in paris i'd spend it thusly: breakfast at la duree (i like the one on rue bonaparte), a quick trip to Simrane (hand-printed textiles) on the next block, an afternoon in the luxembourg gardens reading, and drinks at bar dix. bar dix, 10 Rue de l'Odeon in the 6th. bring euros for the jukebox, put on some bowie, & drink a pitcher of sangria in the ancient holy-shit-those-stairs cave down below. best vacation ever.

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