Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Me, Margaret

{Surviving April}

I'm still alive! Just rul busy. MFA life has opened its big grouper mouth and swallowed the minnow of normal life in one big gulp; I haven't seen my husband in almost three weeks (what the what?!) and I'm out of clean socks, but I survived my first year MFA review. I GET TO DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR, MUGGLES. Four artists/critics/humanoids sat in my studio and grilled me for an hour about the work I've made this year and let's not talk about it but just praise sweet lil' baby Krishna that it's OVER.

To celebrate, my best friend since first grade came over for a drink on my fire escape. She just moved to Brooklyn after living out in Joshua Tree for the past five months apprenticing with the beloved sculptor Steve Rieman (for a desert fix see her blog here). In other kismet news, my cousin (who lives one block down the street from me in Brooklandia) and her amazing fella spent a glorious week of vacation in Joshua Tree last month and came back ENGAGED. To be MAWWIED. And in a thirdly twist of New York-meets-high-desert fate my dear friend from my MFA program and her wife (both desert people stuck in NYC) took a trip to JT over spring break and are now actively hunting for a cabin to buy out there. Like, move there. For EVER.

I'm telling you, I am the effin' St. Patrick of the hi-dez, just a-spreading the good word and a-proselytizing about Joshua Tree to anyone with ears and a high tolerance for dry heat.  Boy do I miss our life out there, but I ain't complaining. Life in New York is a happy hustle (for the thyme being). Onward and upward! Heave-ho!


  1. happy to hear the review is over and you survived it!! congrats! and wow to all that Joshua Tree action that has been going on around you - I have never been, but certainly would love to experience the desert magic one day. will try the australian outback for the time being :)

  2. the mfa kids at my university haven't left their collective offices in about a week. i walked down the hallway of our digital arts and research center to find one of the cohort blasting bad raver music in a classroom, sitting on the floor hugging his knees to his chest and staring blankly at a wall. moral of the story-- you're not alone! keep on keepin' on, lady friend.

  3. Trade ya! I'll hook you up with some Joshua Tree (WHAT? We're from roughly AN HOUR AWAY, I've got the vibz) and you hook me up with Brooklyn. And possibly your shoes. Sad part though, we'll miss each other.

    FUCK YEAH MFA REVIEW. I don't have much nice to say about various-FA reviews, except as long as they let you stay, who cares have a drink!


  4. Hooray, hooray! Congrats!
    I love how your blog entries are not only a celebration of life, but such joyous bing-bang-partying of language! Beauteous.

  5. yeehaw. cheers to one year down. grad school's a doozy and a half, no joke.

  6. Great shoes, lady! Congrats on year numero uno! P.S. it's already hit 100 degrees here in the dez whilst NYC is still having "springtime" me thinks :)

  7. hooray! congrats on the passing-of-MFA-review-ness! that is awesome. :)

    also, i love your shoes. (completely unrelated, btw.) and! it looks like a visit to NYC is in the making...sometime in june or july. want to meet up and do coffee/tea/lunch/something?

    and lastly, because i found this and giggled hardcore, this: (sorry i suck so much at doing the linkie-code thing!)

  8. Yay for surviving the review! What's in store for summer, dear?

  9. i love how you write. i swear, every post, i'm smiling. i love hearing about desert. i've never been and have always wanted to visit.
    congrats on not peeing yourself during your review-thinger!!! hooray for dry pants!!!

  10. did those four critics happen to be named mavis, alexandra, veronica, and kimberly??

  11. Dear St. Patrick of the Hi-Dez, once you finish your higher educa-shun let's all move out to the desert!!! I'm ready. I just have to pack up the husband and kids real quick.

    And CONGRATS on your review!!!! Whew!


  12. Seriously Lily, do you ever just watch TV and eat Oreo's? ;) Super stoked for you and super stoked for your pals too!!
    Hugs from the other desert.

    1. don't own a TV but damn if i didn't cruise through season two of friday night lights on netflix this spring! and newman's own oreos, why yes. yes i do. xo

  13. Congrats on the review! Not that I was worried. ;) And may that grouper spit some time with your husband up into your lap real soon.

    I gotta admit, I was mighty distracted by those shoes, though. It's always the little things...

  14. You certainly spread the magic Lily dust with gusto! Best. Week. Ever. So proud of you for making it through the review! Fondly, your subway platform bum pincher.

  15. Congrats on completing round one, Lily! And to think, you managed to do so while maintaining this wonderful blog!! Kudos all around.

  16. Lily, just came back from two glorious weeks in the much to do....not enough time.....I LOVE THE HI-DESERT!!!!

    Bought a beautiful new piece of art.....hikes in the park, Pappy & Harriet's...drinks in the hot know all the usual desert treats. Wishing you were still there, wanting one of your homestead paintings....

    Rosemary sourdough bread....from the farmer's market!!! Ann

  17. Congrats on the review!
    Like most people above I thoroughly enjoy the writing too. Lots!We have had so much rain in Vancouver for the last few weeks, the idea of desert sounds extra-terrestial. Wouldn't mind it at all just now...Stretching in the hot sunlight. Yes, that would be just the thing!

  18. i was just in brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and ran right past your apartment and through the park! with the highly condensed nyc fresh in my mind, the idea of the space and quiet of the high desert sounds so peaceful and appealing (and i'm grateful to be back in my little midwestern city). yay for one year finished and one year to go! can't wait to read more :)
    what are you going to do with your SUMMER????


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