Monday, April 2, 2012

A Cabin in the Woods

{Franconia Prefab as Shaker Village}

More pictures from our winter trip up to the prefab in Franconia, New Hampshire, where I somehow managed to catch a few quiet shots of the place despite the fact that we crammed eleven people in the house that weekend.

What makes Franconia so special is that there's no TV and group activities revolve around reading, splitting kindling and stoking the fire, cooking big group dinners and taking long walks around the patchwork of neighboring dirt roads. It's like a weekend at a Shaker village circa 1812, but you get to return to your heathen TV-watching ways come Monday. I would know: when I was little my mom used to threaten to ship us off to Sabbathday Lake when my three sisters and I were being ungrateful, poorly-behaved, unhelpful or lazy. No joke. Nothing like the threat of getting shipped off to a Shaker colony in rural Maine to get a girl to clean her room.

And yet you reach a certain point in your adult life when being banished to the Shakers sounds, in my book, pretty fantastic. Great furniture designers, world-renowned gardeners (the Shakers invented the heirloom seed catalogue), took in orphans no questions asked, sang and danced constantly, and one of the most progressive communities espousing gender equality two hundred years ahead of its time. (Mkay so maybe all the speaking in tongues, back-breaking farm labor, religious zealotry, and celibacy is a little less attractive, but you get what I'm saying.)

Hope you had a restful weekend. And hey! My pictures of the one-room board-and-batten cabin  I wrote about a few weeks ago were featured on Cabin Porn, here, if you missed it.


  1. Oh so lovely, especially that shot of the snowy road. I've been wanting to do a cabin getaway in Idyllwild for ages, this makes me want to even more!

  2. goodness, what a delightful retreat! my boy and i are taking a leaf out of your book and taking a long road trip this summer. we're going to be sans scamp (bummer!) but hopefully we'll come across peaceful and gorgeous places like this!

  3. Isn't it funny how that happens? Everything I hated as a child I wish for now.

  4. The celibacy would be an issue ....

    D sent me the cabin porn feature the other week - I didn't even have to check the credits to know who shot those photos! Nicely done.

  5. that sunshine-on-the-road shot is really would make me believe in higher powers if i were that-way-inclined. as it is, it's just stunning, and i'm jealous (in the good way) that you got some time to unwind+relax your soul. trees are good for that. :) (oh yeah, and friends too, haha!)

  6. Lovely shots of your cabin too! I wonder, is there a website for Studio Porn? I would LOVE that. Or workshop porn -- Yummy!

  7. Hmmm....does Sabbathday Lake accept reservations? That sounds reeeeally nice some days. Of course I couldn't stay too long without going through t.v. withdrawals.

    The Franconia cabin looks so wonderful - especially packing it out with good friends.


  8. Wow wow wow--so moved. The images, the light, your words. I love.

    Your new banner is amazing!
    Love all around.

  9. Wowoooooooo.Ilove your house.Love your life!


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