Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bazaar Road, January 2011

{This Time Last Year}

Hard to believe this time last year I was sweating my kurta off in an old spice warehouse in Mattancherry, an ancient spice trading port in India's southern emerald state of Kerala. I promised you a killer recipe for masala chai back then, didn't I? I'll get on that, as long as you promise to get on this: Lana del Rey's much-anticipated album Born to Die, out today. I can take or leave some of the songs, but a few are gems; I have a feeling this one will be on repeat in the studio all month.  

Also, it was pointed out to me that I never really linked properly to the article I wrote for Kinfolk Magazine about that magical time in Mattancherry. Here's an online version. If you're new here and want to read more about our gut-crippling moments of despair and ecstatic periods of Peak Life Experiences in India, start here. Oh India. You're impossible not to love. 


  1. Utterly Impossible not to LOVE! I thought I had the Best Chai recipe ever..learned from the best in Mysore! Let's hear yours girl! :~D
    and Love the article!!!

  2. YOU. ARE. TALENTED. HUGS and Love Lily!

  3. Lana del Rey makes me shiver. It's not just her voice, but the lyrics, her style, and her ability to sing with emotion without blubbering.

    p.s. chai please please!!!

  4. Marking to check it out later ... xo

  5. Ooh, I love that song. O and I have been arguing about her. He thinks it's not cool to buy her album now that the masses have discovered her and wishes he properly got into her months ago when he first heard of her. I think he's a pretentious twat and pop snob and just listen to what makes me happy, regardless. ;)

    1. Also, your piece in Kinfolk is wonderful. I wish I could find it over here.

  6. Bringing back good memories! Thanks for your pictures. Makes me miss home even more!

    Here's a short post I did on Kerala, Goa, and northern India -

    x the wasp

  7. India, India, India. Time to go back to my notebook. Thank you.

  8. What a beautiful and transporting piece. You are a woman of many talents.xox

  9. amazing pictures! india must be a beautiful country. is this a tomato that is cut in half?

  10. you rock for book choices....should start an online book club. LOL

    would love for you to check out this artist

  11. Lily, that piece was amazing. I've always wanted to go to India, but now I'm desperate to get there, especially after following along on your journey last year. (Yes, I'm still alive and I have really missed your blog. Also, I NEED that masala chai recipe.

  12. looove that shot of the goats. woah mama are they ever cute! (plus i love the visual split-in-half of the behind-goat...)

    all the food, colour, and fading paint jobs is making me ache a little. i really loved reading your india 'series', since it was almost like i was there with you, seeing what you saw, and loving it all. i really hope i can manage to visit at some point in my life. until then, feel free to wax lyrical about india's beauty! (or post pictures. cause, y'know.) :)

  13. Stunning images! Love the handmade leather bag you have in the bike basket. Do you know the maker?

  14. Love your images, and sending greetings from Mysore, India! Where the lingering decorations of Pongal haven't escaped the neon yellow legs of the revered cows wandering the city. ~An Al(le)y once removed

  15. THANKS FOR THE KIND COMMENTZ! Seriously lovely, kind, generous lot you are. To answer your burning quessies:

    Tracy- are you guys back in India now? SO JEALOUS! We'll have to trade chai recipes, mkay?

    1Soul- wait, we GOTS to get it to you in Australia. I'm on that.

    Nileta- it's a GUAVA! A huge, pink, marvelous guava! I'd never seen anything like it in all my days. Magical, magical India.

    Anon- v. cool. Thanks so much for linking to his work. I dig it.

    Amy- in fact, YES, I've actually spent the past six months trawling for it on the interwebs! I'll do a post about it- it's actually made of CAMEL HIDE and it's the best, best bag I've ever had. Carry it every day in NY. I'll post about it next week. Thx for reminding me. Some obscure Indian export company sells it, and it's the exact same one I have. WIN.

    Anon- LOVE TO YOU, my friend. xoxox

  16. Gahhhh this makes me absolutely quiver with excitement for our upcoming trip! Thank you so much for that email... I've had it open in a tab for weeks now, and am going to respond once I get some more time to actually travel plan and figure things out. Your photos are so full of life! Inspired, as always, by your posts!

  17. It's been a while since I stopped by for a visit. What great fun catching up with all your comings and going and inner growings. Nice to see you again.

  18. Oh my! I just discovered your blog...don't know what I like more, your art or your writing!
    Thanks for sharing great talent. So inspiring :) ~ Laura, your newest fan


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