Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open Studios This Weekend

{Come One, Come All}

Hey New Yorkers! Please join me this weekend for NYU Open Studios in the historic Barney Building, in the heart of the East Village. Seven floors of artists' studios, installations, performance & live music on Saturday night, with a mellower evening scheduled for Sunday night. I can promise an excess of art, wine, good company, and free baby Shetland ponies. It's going to be a MAD HOUSE.

COME! More info here


  1. do you have other shows coming up? i'm not sure i can get over to manhattan on saturday night but maybe and i would like to meet you and your art!

  2. aw! i'll be there in spirit! -jenna

  3. soooo wish i could be there!! i'm sure you will have crazy amts of fun, though, no doubt...i'm there in spirit! :)

  4. this is SO unfair - i want to be there so badly! the "sorbonne" in the title really gets me! break a leg! so proud of you! p.s. ride a shetland pony for me! xo

  5. You had me at "ponies".....that will be an awesome weekend - wish I could be there!


  6. Can't make it this weekend, but another time, YES!
    Enjoy all! And happy belated birthday for your man! I am sure Vinegar Hill was a success!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. thanks guys!

    julia- i have a show in nyc in early march if you can't make it this weekend! xo

    victoria- thanks so much! i'll pass the bday wishes along to the fella.

  8. I guess I'll have to wait till you do the desert show with baby pygmy goats. :) Hope it was rad!!

  9. I'm sorry I missed this. I'm sure it was amazing.


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