Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Q & A

{And Brooklyn's Best Latte}

Weekend Q & A, You Decide Who's Who:

Q: Can we go on the fire escape to watch the "sunset?"
A: That would be such a horrible way to die. It's so rickety-looking. You go first.

Q: Buttercup, can you bring me my beer please?
A: Move over, I'm joining you. And you have GOT to try this cheese.

Q: Is that a mammalian tail sticking out of that crack in the wall?!
A: Squirrelz!

Q: Do people on your blog think I only wear that one shirt?
A: Silence.

Q: Can we go to bed early tonight? I'm averaging five hours per night for two weeks.
A: I thought you'd never ask. Ima polish off that cheese plate first.

Q: It'd be lame if we watched Law & Order on my laptop in bed, right?
A: Yes. Get your laptop. And only because I already finished season one of Downton Abbey.

Q: Do other people listen to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me while making soup on Saturday mornings?
A: Your cousin and her bf listen to Wait Wait when they make sourdough and they're totally hip cats.

Q: Are we like old people?
A: No, we're like the New Young People whot like Old People Things.

Q: How could a latte possibly be that expensive? That's more expensive than a rickshaw drive across Delhi. It's criminal.
A: I know, but you have to try this sh*t. The Aussies call it a flat white, but I call it magic.

Q: When can we just hang out and not worry about stuff like you making your bus back to Boston?
A: Sigh. I don't know, but I love you. Have a sip of this amazing latte.

A wonderful Brooklyn weekend, albeit fleeting. And Cafe Grumpy does indeed make the best latte I've ever had. Tiny, minimalist, no wi-fi or much seating, but damn, do they know what they're doing when it comes to coffee. A real treat. Also treaty? Maggie Smith in season one of Downton Abbey (which you can also stream on Netflix). She is TO. DIE. FOR. 


  1. "How could a latte possibly be that expensive? That's more expensive than a rickshaw drive across Delhi. It's criminal." That is priceless!

    Another priceless quote? Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey: "What is a Weekend?"

    I guess I'm old too since you pretty much described my weekend, although I watched Law & Order while crafting and listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me with breakfast... Oh the life I lead!

  2. strangely wonderful to read this post. makes me realize the poetry in every day communication.

  3. you two love birds bring a big bang of hope to this mostly cynical world. it's the little things....

  4. I LOVE "Wait-Wait-Don't Tell Me!" Paula Poundstone kills me. But then I also love the Kardashians and watched a good amount of that over the weekend too ;) Here's to cheese plates, beer and coffee and to you and P getting some time to just hang out ;)

  5. Haha...I feel we might be kindred spirits; Law & Order, Downtown Abbey, cheese, coffee, and especially feeling like 'old people'. But I think I'll be using the quote "we're like the new young people who like old people things." :D


  6. Favorite. Couple. Ever. (Well, that's after the couple that I play half of, acourse.) xoxo

  7. Glad you guys had a good weekend! I, too, love Downton Abbey, going to bed early and Wait, Wait. Maggie Smith is pretty much my only reason for watching that show! :)

  8. Dude. SEASON TWO OF DOWNTON. It is on now, on Sunday nights there. We download it Sunday afternoons here, and watch it six hours behind. Illegal, but I don't care.

  9. ha, the young people liking old people stuff; I am in it. isn't it delightful?!

  10. Same thing happens with D re: repetitive shirt photos. But he has the same shirt in 10 different colors, so I claim that as my justification.

  11. Flying Q- that's my favorite Maggie Smith moment in the whole series. She makes the whole series worth watching for those choice bits.

    Rachel- thanks:)

    Mel- so lovely to see your round these parts- I'm waaay overdue for a visit at Reverie! xo

    Jen- PAULA P. is my flavorite. Period. Sometimes when I'm in a studio crit and the convo gets way outta control and all about critical theory, I invoke Paula P. and imagine what she's say and then I giggle to myself.

    Cortnie- YES! The New Young People fo sho. We are not alone.

    Stephanie- xo.

    Mouse- how bout Bent Spoon and THEN cheese plate. Done? Done.

    Trude- ditto. See my comment above re. Paula P.

    Meg- I have weird moral guilt about illegal downloads. I need to get over that. Especially if it means SEASON TWO, like, in REAL TIME. I just can't wait until next year when it comes out to us Netflixers.

    Annton- D-lightful, capital D.

    Rache- Don't act like you guys don't listen to NPR, lady. And P. had TWO of those turquoise shirts made in India. So he's actually wearing two different shirts, in reality, right? D. has that amazing wedding suit, lest we forget, so he can always use that as his excuse. Like, yeah, I may be wearing this shirt for the third day in a row, but that's cuz I gotta sicknasty wedding suit in my closet, b*tches.

  12. Still jealous of P's india shirt, he's right to flaunt that sh*t! I neeeed to watch Downton Abbey.

  13. my boyfriend is THE biggest fan of cafe grumpy

  14. Sounds like this Downton Abbey is all the rage-I must indulge!

    Good to know that other couples have their own rituals and codes-also that we are not the only ones who feel oldish in a youngish body. (We watch unholy amounts of old B&W movies-makes it hard to talk latest movies with our friends....)

  15. I listened to "Wait, Wait" last weekend while I made soup, and the weekend before while my husband made chili, but... usually I'm just drinking tea. Does your station play Splendid Table? I also always enjoy Car Talk, even though I know nothing about cars. My husband didn't grow up listening to NPR, and he doesn't understand how two mechanics from MA can make me laugh so hard.

    Cannot wait for S2 of Downton!!

  16. Damn, I gotta get on that Downtown Abby train. I LOVE listening to Wait, Wait while I cook. Sunday morning, making stuff for the week...ahhh. I look forward to it all week practically. You so cool.

  17. Downton Abbey is the VERY BESTEST.

    As are the New Young People, of course.

  18. Dreaming of living in Brooklyn--sounds pretty nice! And beer and cheese sound fabulous.

    xo, Anna of (green gable)

  19. That photo of the candlelit snack...I could stare at it all day!

  20. I loved this Q+A. You are such a doll.

  21. this q+a section was the highlight of my blogroll. LOVE IT. (esp. the new-young-people-whot-like-old-people-things!! ha!)

    i hope you are getting more sleep, btw...!

  22. ha! i was wondering about p's green shirt....laura x

  23. Adam Felber and Roy Blunt, Jr..... a PERFECT Wait Wait!!
    Your earlier commenter downloads Downton Abbey 2... wish I knew how to do that... anxiously awaiting the second season... but fear what the trenches will do to our lovely young men!!

  24. oh man. the new young people whot like old people things is perfect. and my goodness, can we relate! drooling over your photos, per usual.

  25. 1. Q = Woman who gave man shirt, A = Man with one shirt
    2. Q = Woman, A = Man
    3. Q = Woman, A = Man
    4. A = Man, A = Woman
    5. Q = Man, A = Woman
    6. Q = Man, A = Woman
    7. Q = Woman, A = Woman
    8. Woman, A = Man
    9. Q = Man, A = Woman
    10. Q= Woman, A = Man

  26. I love Downton Abbey! Have seen the Masterpiece modern version of Sherlock Holmes - also streams on Netflix (although warning-leaves it on at a cliffhanger!)-fandamntastic!
    Wait Wait is for younguns too..of course don't go by me..I love Car Talk too
    I love taking my phone to bed to play Word With Friends or Angry Birds

    If we all agree this is the new hip then we win! Now where are my spectacles....

  27. fight the urge, lily! public broadcasters get to air happy TV when people pay for happy TV! stealing is for glances and kisses.

    stuffy as per usual after my week in SF,

  28. ahhh i just flew through season 1 of downton abbey. love it. can't wait for season 2. ugh.

  29. Ack! Downton Abbey is the best thing evah! Love that Dame. (Adore your blog :)


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