Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Park Slope Shuffle

{In Which The Neighborhood Gets Explored + Save Landreth Seed!}

Spent Saturday afternoon walking alone, camera in hand, throughout greater Park Slope. Just to see what I could see, finally explore my new neighborhood. And maybe conduct a little benign trespassing in an effort to admire front-stoop pots of sweet potato vine, fire escape herb gardens and one particularly lovely abandoned lot featuring variegated ivy, chamomile and cardboard (which would be the *perfect* urban home for a certain Scamp, which, by the way, you all have vehemently convinced us not to sell for the time being). I also figured out that if one goes to the green market at the very end, when everyone's packing up the last bruised apples and picked-over fennel bulbs before heading upstate, one might just come home with a bag of free produce if one isn't fussy about mold/rot/wormholes. Which, in this case, one is not.

Hope you had a fine weekend. And thanks to several of you whip-smart, fact-checking, follow-upping readers, it's come to my attention that the beloved D. Landreth Seed Company, America's oldest seed house, is about this close to shutting down. Read here. I'll go ahead and put in a little plug for purchasing their gorgeous $5 catalogue, if not an entire crate of dahlia tubers, or anything from their incredible African American Heritage Collection of heirloom vegetable seeds (the Cherokee purple tomats are our FLAVORITE). Here's hoping you hang on, Landreth!


  1. Sigh. Home. You're KILLING ME. But I'm glad you're there.

  2. Your new neighborhood looks lovely. And what a great abandoned lot...I just love finding those.

  3. Mochi is my all time favorite thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS lady!

  4. i love strolling with camera on a overcast day. how great it would be to throw some seeds done have hazardly in that green space!

  5. really too bad about the seed co.!

    the abandoned lot........looks v. inviting.

  6. I just found your blog and absolutely LOVE your photos! Also, that pic of the frozen yogurt made me start craving its tarty goodness in the worst way. So happy to begin reading your stuff!

    Also, thanks for the update on Landreth! Their seed catalogues are a lost artform-- I'll do what I can to up the support!

  7. Ordering some seeds now! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  8. Very inspiring neighbourhood. I love the architecture and all those flowers. So happy you kept the scamp.

  9. It seems you are fitting perfectly into your new home and neighborhood. Wonderful.

  10. love your blog. i live in park slope, too! welcome!

    re: photo #6-- i always think this is the royal tennenbaum's house when i walk by...

    let me know if you want any tips for picks in the hood!

  11. A gorgeous ramble around your neighborhood! Looks like such fun.
    I'm off to order a seed catalogue.

  12. I want that Chicken painting.. and that lamp!!!

  13. Do I spy mochi in the yogurt pictured above?? IN LOVE with that stuff. I love your pictures of Park Slope - such a beautiful place.

    p.S. Save Landreth!


  14. Your neighborhood looks so beautiful! I hope you enjoy living there :)

  15. Ah, you live in Park Slope!? Such a nice neighborhood. We have friends who live there, and friends who live just across the park in Lefferts Garden. Oh - and we rented an apartment in Sunset Park for a month last year while we were out doing the National Stationery Show, Renegade Craft Fair, and the Brooklyn Flea... I'm always looking forward to our next trip out there!

  16. That is MY TURRET, Lilypants.

    (Or will be MY TURRET when I figure out how to get in there. Imma hang stars EVERYPLACE.)

  17. That strawberry froyo concoction is making me salivate! And I'm loving all the brightly painted wrought iron. So fun.

  18. I loved your desert posts, loved your India ones, but as a Londoner with a wistful, distant, adoration of NYC, I know I am absolutely going to LOVE LOVE your posts from your new life in Brooklyn. The apartment looks stunning, and the neighbourhood perfect.

  19. Hi Lily,

    These photos beautifully capture the Park Slope feel, thanks for sharing!

    I'm currently working on a project dedicated to the city's neighborhoods, and am wondering if I could use your photo (1st one here) in one of the displays.

    Please let us know if you would like to participate!

    The project is non-for-profit and we are working under creative commons licence.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Thank you,


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