Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Fings

{Catching Up and Three Things Worth Sharing}

Tonight was the first night I left the studio before 11pm all week, and I can't wait to take tomorrow (or at least tomorrow morning) off to catch up on fundamental things like, oh, laundry, grocery shopping and maybe even making a meal that involves the use of a heating element. Thinking back to our nights out at Pappy's and community feasts in Joshua Tree is enough to usher forth a melodramatic sigh of despair and longing from yours truly; will P. and I ever have that kind of life again? (Damn straight she said as she went to her tiny Brooklyn cupboard for the big bottle of Tennessee bourbon.) But that's a post for another time. Now, here, in the very present tense, I've been sucked down a vortex called grad school, which is a great luxury, really, but hot damn am I excited to spelunk my way out of the studio and catch up on real life this weekend. The highlight of the week, by the way, was a studio visit with Anoka Faruqee on Thursday; I was beyond thrilled to learn that our homeboy Ernst Haeckel (see last post) is a major source of inspiration behind her work, too, which I never would have intuited, but which made me understand and appreciate her paintings all the more.

In other news:
Cannot *wait* until Feist's new album is out. Been listening to this preview on repeat.
Came across this portrait of Luc Tuymans in his studio. Perfection, all around.
Giggled out loud reading this, um, "essay" on fall/decorative gourd season (courtesy of the amazing Maggie Shipstead).

Have a great weekend. Above, a simplified dresser top: Ganesh and bangles from our travels in India; necklace from my sister, antique mirror from Russia, painting by Tina Bluefield, which P. gave me as a Christmas present our first winter in the desert. 


  1. Your blog is always the perfect reprieve as I chug through my first year o' law school at Georgetown-- taking in different intellectual goodies but harboring the same mentality and excitement in my parallel universe in DC. Love reading about your dolce vita. :) - Jung

  2. Did you know that feist is playing at Brooklyn academy of music in early nov? You should see if there are still tix. it's a stellar venue.

  3. man. i think that photo's worldliness says a lot about your life! haha. that necklace is lovely, btw...did your sister make it?

    as for school, i'm glad that you're feeling it's well worth it. i've been feeling quite stupid lately, and i think it's because i've been off of school for so long. i'm thinking of going back to do my masters...any thoughts? (my bachelor's degree is in religious studies...ever so practical!)

    happy (rest of) weekend! :)

  4. Love that article, I laughed out loud! That is pretty much exactly what I think whenever the crazy decorations start coming out around my street.

    I am so excited that you are having a good time in school. I want to know what it is like!

  5. Enjoy every second of your crazy life in NY! I'm sure it will go by so fast.

    We are going to Pappy's on Wednesday evening to see Gillian Welch, then after we are camping in JTree.... I will send your love to the desert!

  6. hooray for grad school! but if you ever need a dose of the west you're sure welcome to come camp at our place (or cabin, or tent, or whatever...).

  7. Yay, Lily! Dive in and enjoy it, but do make sure to climb out once in a while to recover.

  8. haha.. it just takes decorating to a whole different level doesn't it?

  9. Yay for new Feist! I wore the hell outta the last one. Hope you had a good weekend outside in the world. :) One of my best friends just recently finished up her grad degree in art history and is obsessed with Haeckel too!

  10. hey lily, just wanted to say that i love, love your blog and living vicariously through you. i'm looking forward to your getting settled into grad school so you can come back to this space!

  11. The same friend who forwarded me Catalog Living sent the decorative gourd essay to me last week. He probably sends about one forwarded email every two years, and it usually the funniest thing I've seen in two years since the last one. Read it about a dozen times and still cracks me up. You've probably seen it already, but just in case ... ... (of course the link doesn't appear to be working right now.) My favorite is the one about Gary's passive aggressive watermelon garnishes.

    Enjoy grad school in Brooklyn! just got back yesterday from visiting a friend there and as usual found myself wishing I'd spent time living there during my college years.

  12. Catching up answer some burning questions:

    Julia- NO EFFING WAY. I did not. And now I do, and I will try to get tix. Thanks for the heads-up, lady!

    In Dreams- she did not make it, but someone savvy did:) More thoughts on masters degrees soon:)

    Amanda- my best friend will be there. She looks like an Amazon goddess- 6 feet tall, crazy huge jewelry, can't miss her. I'll tell her to look out for you guys! SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!

    Amanda/DF- going to check out Catalog Living right now.

    thanks for all the nice comments, youz guyz! xo


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