Monday, August 8, 2011

Boxes, Scones

{A Tea Break While Moving}

We found a place in Brooklyn. Wait, I mean, WE FOUND A PLACE IN BROOKLYN! Deco fireplace, tons of sunlight, workable kitchen, dogs allowed, just enough room on the fire escape for a few pots of herbs, just enough room in the apartment for a very modest hypothetical future dinner party. I'm over-the-moon excited about our little spot (and thanks to all you Brooklynites for the leads, advice, and recommendations!). And yet. And yet. It turns out finding the apartment, which was no cakewalk, was the easy part. The hard part came next: separating all our belongings (which have been in storage for the past year, mummifying away in dozens of musty cardboard boxes) into the Brooklyn pile, the Boston pile, or the Craigslist/Vietnam vets/local church bazaar/Salvation Army/Good Will pile. And then renting a Penske truck and driving the Brooklyn pile to Brooklyn and moving it all into said Brooklyn apartment, which we did yesterday. My forearms were so sore this morning I let out a little whimper just squeezing the toothpaste tube while brushing my teeth. So one move down, one more to go: we move P. into his Cambridge apartment next week. This whole grad-schools-in-different-cities thing can get a gal a little down when she really stops and thinks about it. Hmph.

So ooobviously the only reasonable thing to do is take a quick mid-afternoon packing break with the soon-to-be-long-distance huz and visit the local Scottish tea room, where my youngest-but-tallest sister is working this summer. More specifically, where my youngest-but-tallest sister is learning to make cherry scones from scratch *and* develop a a killer Glaswegian accent.  Because as most of us know, justoutoftheoven scones + strawberry jam + clotted cream  = suddenly excellent mood.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 


  1. Welcome, gal.

    And congratulations on sweet nests in marvelous places, sore forearms and rotten divisions or no.

  2. Hmm. I hadn't focused on the living separately bit. I suppose you will become quite friendly with the Chinatown bus? Or just the train? I guess that drive isn't too unbearable. Still, a lot of nights alone. I wish you the best.

    And on a trivial but unavoidable note, I love that toile dress. Had one like that when I was 11 and lived in London. Very mod. Wistful for it ever since.

  3. Congratulations! As a Boston-Brooklyn relationship member, I understand... Tea time is making me quite jealous.

  4. congrats on the apartment! I am sure it is super cute!!
    And, I am in love with your teapot - sooo pretty!!

  5. a million congrats on snagging a fabulous brooklyn pad. when you're all settled into the new digs-- all the soreness will be totally worth it!

    those scones look incredible!

  6. Ohh so exciting, as finding an apartment in NYC is enough to give a person an ulcer! Or six.

  7. Why do the youngest sisters always get to be the tallest?

    Also, congrats! If anyone can do the double apartment grad school thing, it's you two. And those trains are pretty fast, no?

  8. Congratulations on the apartment, it sounds so wonderful!!!

    I lived apart from my husband through two years of grad school. To be honest, it was harder than expected BUT I think it's the only way to really make the most of your studies, I still have so many fond memories of that time in my life. Finding friends that "get" you make all the difference too :)

    We were 12+ hrs away from each other, you two will see each other a lot more and the reunions will be so sweet !

    Good luck in your exciting first semester!

  9. First I really love the painting behind you in the kitchen- reminds me of a Picasso painting I saw in Barcelona.

    I think moving all around is lame but I bet it's nice to have your new home and to start the NYC chapter. :)

  10. Congrats!! It all sounds very exciting and delish. Enjoy!! So nice that family is in the hood for awhile.

  11. This post is just BEAUTIFUL!!! And a Midsummer's Peach mmmmmm! And don't get me started on scones ... SO GOOD! XO LILY!

  12. yum, those scones look positively scrumptious! and dang, real clotted cream is hard to come by these days. someone needs to start a scone-trend here in toronto! (*hinthintanyoneintoronto*)

    i'm so glad the move went ok...i'll be moving at the end of the month and i've barely started thinking about packing - and i have LOADS of stuff. so i guess we'll see where it all ends up! let me know if you're lacking anything down there...i'm sure i've got it, times three, up here. :)

  13. congrats on the new place! Your tea and scones have my mouth watering. Also, how lucky you are to be traveling between NYC and Boston (my two hometowns). If you must live apart, I'd say you got the best deal. (Optimism, right!?)

  14. so happy to have you so close, choue choue. we are only 2 miles away. I REPEAT. WE ARE ONLY 2 MILES AWAY! that's a record for us since high school! love you and happy to be neighbor-sister-best-friends again. xoxo

  15. I just stumbled upon your blog and I already love it. Pictures of the scones didn't hurt. Exciting about your new apartment, but bummer about the long distance. If it makes you feel any better I'm on one side of the Atlantic and my husband is on the other... (waiting for my visa so I can join him in Zürich). Happy nesting!

  16. that was quick - congrats on the apartment!

  17. this looks so lovely. and congrats on your new apartment!

  18. many thanks for the well-wishes, friendses!

    'Manda- xo.

    LPC- the toile is, in fact, a very Scottish apron, but I would pay hard rupees to see the pic of an 11-y-o LPC in her toile dress.

    Sohpie- glad I'm in good company! Wanna be Bolt Bus buddies?

    Kristina- I wish it were my teapot. Belongs to the lassie who owns the tea room.

    Alfie- thanks for all your sweet comments, lady. And YES, dem scones is off the HOOK.

    Kate- seriously. Same goes for LA, though, in its own way. A belated HUGE congrats to you, lady. I owe you an email.

    Rachel- fast, yes. Also? Spensive! It often costs less to fly than to take the train, which is crazy. So the bus it shall be.

    Sea- thanks for the honest pep talk. That's what a lot our friends have said, and it's helpful remembering we're not the only people doing it!

    Erika- love that you noticed the painting. Such an eye!

    Jen- absolutely. It's been beyond awesome being so close to our families after so much time apart.

    Caro- why do I suspect you have a great scone recipe at your fingertips? Send it along if you do!

    In Dreams- thanks heavens I've found someone who appreciates real clotted cream, right? Good luck with you upcoming move!

    Kayla- that's the spirit! Where in Boston are you from? I went to college there and am looking forward to wknd visits when the leaves start changing.

    Kate- xo.

    Julie- thanks! Yeah, it turned out being the very first one we saw. We kept looking around, but nothing even compared. We feel super lucky- the vacancy rate is less than POINT FIVE PERCENT in NYC right now. Crazy. Just crazy.

    Naurnie- YOU look lovely with what I'm guessing is a new 'do!

  19. I can't wait to see pictures and read stories of your life in Brooklyn! REading your blog is like reading a novel, I guess you should really turn all this into a book some day. "The adventures of Lily Stockman"?

  20. Scones can make everything good! So happy that you found an apartment, it really does sound amazing. And glad the dogs are allowed!

  21. HUGS to another wonderful gal living separately from her gorgeous boy for a bit.

    It's not so bad, when the boys and the temporarily separate homes are this wonderful. Still, hugs.


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