Monday, July 18, 2011


{Island Life}

-refining my syllabus for a class I'm teaching at NYU this fall
-catching up on old projects put on hold while we were in India
-making new paintings for a solo show in January

-refining a recipe for perfect one-pot Maine haddock chowder (enter the bacon fat, sherry)
-catching up with friends over extended cocktail hours, collaborative dinners, Bananagrams
-making use of a capacious hot water tank via a century-old claw-footed bathtub

P. and I are up north on that wee island in Maine with his extended family, where we're hosting a revolving door of close friends we haven't seen since pre-India, cooking up a storm, and (I speak for myself here) pursuing some harmless neighborhood wildflower pilfering under the guise of "dog-walking." We've got a heck of a fall ahead of us so we're milking this summer of (productive?) vagabondage for all it's worth.

Hope you had a great weekend. On repeat around here: Leaving Home by Yo La Tengo.


  1. beautiful post! that dinner looks amazing!

  2. love all the photos. this summer is passing by in a blink.

  3. Hollie- have you been? If you have you know it's a magical place!

    Jen- Thx! We can't run far or fast enough to keep up with all the FOOD we're consuming (quite happily).

    Erika- hope you're summer is going wonderfully- gunna stop by and see what you're up to the studio. xo

    Annton- brilliant. Any recommendations? I'm a big Gary Snyder fan. Will have to start compiling a list.

  4. Lily!! I love love love that first photo!! Hey so when do you and Kate want to get together for an adventure?? BISOUS!

  5. by the way, in case we have any chicken geeks out there (raising my hand), those are dominiques in that third shot from the bottom.

  6. Lily these pics are exceptionally awesome.Maybe it's the subject matter. I'm a sucker for dogs and seashells. That top one is a keeper. Think you could part with a high-rez copy? (wink-wink)
    I love seeing you guys continuing the adventure.

  7. wow, Maine is so pretty! loving those summer shots!! :)

  8. beautiful! i have always wanted to visit maine, and if i needed any convincing to actually book a trip, these images -- that seascape! -- just might do the trick. thank you for sharing.

  9. Gorgeous pictures. That is the cutest little girl, I love the flowers in her hair.

  10. oh how you're seriously making me want to spend these summer days in maine! those shells, that kitchen, that ocean view, and that dinner spread have me jonesing!

  11. Well I just love that wildflower head garland, and those speckled chickens. Sounds heavenly.

  12. NYU in the fall?? What's the class on/my friends that are still in school should go take it and meet wonderful old you?

  13. looks like the perfect summer. i've never been to maine but your photos just put it at the top of my list of places to visit someday. what kind of class are you teaching? i'm beginning my student teaching this fall with ceramics and graphic design and have zero experience in graphic design, should be fun!

  14. just stumbled over here - looks like blissful summer days you are having, so much joy in each photo. i especially like your beach still life at the top.

  15. Wait a sec - you're going to be in NEW YORK this fall? Exsqueeze me? Girl, the Bonbon and I are going to have to take you OUT.

    Also: Furry dog butts.

  16. lovin me some dominiques! they would be my first choice!

    i spent a week in blue hill maine once - how dreamy, lobster and blueberries, clams from the beach.....i would not say no to your chowder!

    some doggies are looking v. happy to have their m&d back!

    ok i had to waffle a bit while i remembered but i liked "white tiger" v. much. also india-inspired. short sharp and to the point! link here:

  17. i also couldn't recommend more R. Godden's a time to dance, no time to weep which is a memoir of her early life in india, especially time spent in kashmir as a young disgraced divorcee with young children in a place called "dove house". kingfishers catch fire is a ficitonalized version of the same "passage" and the black narcissus was the ultimate much altered in the details rendering of that experience.

    enjoy your passage on the island!

  18. beautiful. the first photo is my favorite.

  19. love. i lived in ME when I was a little girl - always love going back for a visit, it's a magical place.

  20. Caro- you, me, Kate, this fall, in LA. How bout it?

    Denise- thanks!

    Jen- realz? sure!

    Kristina, Milk, Alfie, Becky- thx. Maine is pretty magical this time of year. Come November, however, I'll take So. California, thank you very much:)

    Kat- I'll shoot you an email. Are you guys still in NY? xo

    Kristin- you're going to have such a blast teaching! I'll be teaching undergrads in studio and theory, so I'm sure we'll have a lot of overlap with each other!

    K- thanks for stopping by.

    WPM- the Bonbon is my FLAVE-O-RITE. Done.

    Mlle- some very happy humans finally reunited with their doggies, too! P. and I read White Tiger when we were in northeast India, and yeah, it kind of blew my socks off. "Loved" isn't the right word, but it left a thunderous impression on me. Great book. I'll look up the others- thanks!

    Ali- thanks! That seems to be the favorite of the bunch.

    Misie- where in Maine?!

  21. ohh, maine, the beautiful state i grew up in. i would be wildly jealous if i hadn't just returned from a visit. but... i'm still pretty jealous nonetheless. gorgeous photos!

  22. i love the little corgi picture! they are such adorable dogs - yours especially. :)

  23. LADY. thank you for introducing me to yo la tengo. THIS IS MY KIND OF MUSIC. where have i been?! sounds like you're having a lovely summer catching up. can't wait to meet up when you're back in nyc. oh, and i just posted my joshua tree recap. FINALLY.

  24. yo la tengo, I love them.
    The picture of the window, is it wrong to make it my desktop picture? In my dreams I live in a house with a window overlooking the sea, like that one.
    The doggies. I love Biscuit's butt and little feet.
    Extended cocktail hours with friends should be declared a human right.

  25. Misie- Brunswick!!!!!! How bout that!
    Liz- where was your trip? thanks!
    Tu y yo- thaks for stopping by, and yes, I'm biased, but I think the Biscit butt is pretty ridiculously cute;)
    Merci- going to catch up over there PRONTO. welcome back!
    Bobbi-Do it. And so glad you listened to that song- the mellow shorter version is pretty beautiful, too. And go ahead and use it as your desktop! xo

  26. these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time!


  27. Idyllic! I'm jonesin' for our weekend trip to the cape in a few weeks. Grew up in New England and every summer, I desire it something fierce.

  28. Nice Barred Rocks! We're currently chicken-parenting one as well. Her name is Emmaline and she's partial to corn cobs.

    I recognize that wooden outdoor table...what brand is it? My dad's outdoor furniture company makes one *exactly* like it.

  29. from the looks of your photos, maine looks like a place to be. what an incredible way to spend the summer.


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