Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pantone Postcards

{A Magic Box of Rainbows w/out the Psychedelic Drugs}

P. and I were in Washington D.C. last week for a conference and because we were both such polite little children growing up (true fact: my mom used to make my three sisters and me curtsy when we greeted my great-grandmother's friends) we make up for it as adults by doing things like skipping out on post-lunch snooze-fest PowerPoint presentations and running to the Hirshhorn Museum, which neither of us had ever visited before. The Hirshhorn is like the less-famous little sister of the Guggenheim, but with no crowds, more comfortable couches (we totally took a nap in the reading room) and a room set aside just for de Kooning's women. It's fabulous. On our way out I spotted a box of Pantone postcards at the mini gift shop and because I've been such a Parsimonious Patty this year I bought it, full price, with a crisp twenty-dollar bill (and got a 20% discount with my Smithsonian membership card, which my adorable grandfather has renewed for me every year for Christmas since he first gave it to me in sixth grade).

Lucky for you, you can buy the Pantone box of rainbow magic any number of places online, like here. I have visions of framing all the heavenly yellows in cute lil' Ikea frames in a grid on the wall, and sending the super-hein dog-vomit brown ones along with future Con-Ed bills when I move to New York. In the mean time, I'm just going to coddle and cosset the box, opening and closing it, marveling at the rainbow of colors. Which is exactly what I did last night before turning off the light.

And I know I promised you apiaries and folk art this week, but between lots of travel and computer malfunctions I'm behind schedule. And that's pronounced shej-yule, please. More coming soon, promise. 


  1. i am living in new york this summer. wanna come over? miss you!

  2. Lily ... I photographed P. years ago when he finished up in Cambridge and stumbled onto your site from FB. Love it, and would like to talk to you about how much blue footed chicken's might cost.


  3. Wait, only 1 outta 3 are excited about the Pantone postcards? SHAME, people. Shame.

    Kate- You are in so much trouble. I can't believe I found out about this over BLOGGER. But SOOOOO excited I can hardly. stand. it.

    Justin- thanks for reaching out! I'll send you an email.

  4. Oooh, pretty!

    Also, your grandpa might have just won cutest grandpa award. Holy hell, what a great gift...and every just makes me happy to think about.

  5. yes who couldnt resist such coloful postcards.

  6. Loving pantone colour charts and therefore this postcard set is simply perfect!!! i need this! :)

  7. ooooooooo, i love these! and yes, send the barf brown ones to con ed. they most certainly deserve it.

  8. I love this!!! Nothing is better than a pop of color, so sweet!!

  9. LOVE the hirshhorn! so open and airy and packed with some of the best modern art on the planet!
    and what a sweet gift from your grandpa!
    good job snapping up the pantone postcards!

  10. Great find and even better idea about framing them. I may have to copy that decor genius Missy...With full credit to you of course. ;)

  11. these are so lovely!!!

    looking forward to the post on apiaries. i've been so fixated on bees, as of late.

  12. Amazing! Love all the names of the colours too. We have Pantone espresso cups, but only four, not the whole rainbow.

  13. I just bought some of these postcards and am thinking I might send all 100 of them to people I know and blog about it... Have been googling 'pantone postcards' and stumbled across your blog, and divine photos! Is it okay if I link to this post? I'm not really sure how it's going to work just yet...!

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