Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Assessment

{Table Views and New Music}

On Friday (like every other day) my studio was a jumble of paint, patterns and textiles. And by studio I mean my plastic desk we bought at the outdoor bazaar and carried home on the roof of a rickshaw some six months ago.

My dear friend Rebecca Layton, artist and textile designer extraordinaire and fellow SUPER/POWER collective member, gave me this little silkscreen painting before she left Jaipur. The color was so heavenly I hunted the local khadi shop on Saturday until I found a handloom silk scarf in the exact same Andaman Sea turquoise. (A handloom silk scarf for a certain sister- I'll let you three sissies ponder who. Mwahaha.)

On Sunday morning we made extra strong French press coffee with scalded water buffalo milk. I drank three cups and had the jittery sweats all day but it was so worth it. And we had *mangoes.* It's officially Mango Season, and believe me, we are taking full advantage. I probably have three a day, and as a result all my kurtas have orange stains dribbled down the front. I figure it makes other people feel better about themselves when they see me walking down the street like that. I like to think of my mango stains as my small gift to egos everywhere.

And to round out the weekend our good fellow Noah Lennox, known to his devotees as Panda Bear (and as the frontman of Animal Collective), is coming out with a new album called Tomboy. You can listen to a preview of the entire album on NPR here; if our internet wasn't ox-cart slow I'd be able to listen to it and give you an opinion. I'm *really* hoping it's as mindblowingly celestial and strange and wonderful as his last album. So all you music fiends with your fancy fast internets, tell a girl, how is it? I'll just be over here fondling my cotton samples and eating mangoes while you give it a listen.


  1. i do wish i had spent saturday hunting a silk scarf. not that my saturday wasn't perfectely fine, even so. such a nice color.

  2. oh! I love Animal Collective! wow! wow! I will listen !!!

  3. Blue camels. Blue camels. And some day I will tell the story of going to the Andaman Nicobar islands and sitting at the one Western hotel, hearing Texans talk oil and mapping the sea floor. Also the day a hotel staff person boated me, alone, to an island where they used to grow pineapples.

  4. Like I needed another reason to want to be a Stockman sister.

  5. this post makes me very happy. i am living in india vicariously through you.

    thanks for the animal collective link - very excited about that one.

    xo joanna

  6. ah, just realized (and re-read) that it's panda bear, which actually makes me even more excited. thanks!

  7. It is magnifique. And if (but how could you have?) you missed Avey Tare (Dave Portner's) out of this world solo album, you must listen post haste.

  8. ya i listened last week, thanks for reminding me i want to steam the goodness again today. still sad i had to turn away free tickets to see him play last summer due to other commitments ! :-(

  9. Love! I would be buying so many saris that I would have to ship them home once a month, how you can hold back with so much sexy textile goodness around is beyond me. I love the first sari you posted, your dressy one, it is just as pretty as this one. Sigh. Love. Hi! from Atlanta!!! Also drinking coffee.

  10. I absolutely love this post. Thanks so much for sharing the Panda Bear link. I'm in the midst of listening, pumping it through the stereo system with windows open wide--hoping that passersby on the street are enjoying it with me. Perhaps you're hearing echoes of it in India now? :)

  11. I can't even read the word mango without thinking of the SNL skits! :) And now that you've started it, I'm going to call my desk my studio too. Totally appropriate, I feel, since it's my digital darkroom too! :) Glad you had a good weekend!

  12. That blue is amazing.

    And I am so, so jealous of your Indian mangoes. For all my mango love, I still have yet to experience real Indian ones, which I am assured are the very best.

  13. Gonna listen to something new! yeah! And the patterns, fabrics and colors are all so beautiful!
    Lot of good karma from me!

  14. I was actually googling K-pop group BigBang and came across this blog lol. I love the colors/images/paintings~~~ love it all.

  15. Are you actually good friends with Noah or is he good friends in that his music is your good friend? Because I would like to have 10,000 of his babies, if you can arrange that. Though I guess we're both spoken for and I think he might already have his own baby, but I'm fine with that. We can make it work.

  16. judi dench and noah lennox? excuse me while i go spaz out about what a lucky duck you are to know so many wonderfully fantastic people.

  17. Jamie- if it makes you feel any better I spent Saturday afternoon in the bathroom with what are now referring to as das plague. Damn you, India and your sewage runoff in the water supply. But yes, nice color, right?

    Amanda Mae- how is it? How is it?!


    Emerson Merrick- like I need another reason to insist you and Micha bring me along to Paris next time.

    Keep Feeling/Joanna- HOW IS IT??!? And gurrrrl, I'm dong a whole post just for you with the sicknasty bag made from antique Pakistani textiles I just boughtened. You will DIE.

    Katie- thank you for the amazing recommendation. I'm so unplugged here I don't even know what the kids are listening to these days. Can't wait to download the album.

    Julia- call up the person who made you miss the show and tell Lily is PISSED and you want a refund.

    Michelle- I'm having that sari made into what I like to call an insta-sari right now; instead of me swaddling myself in nine yards of silk like an idiot it'll be a nifty floor-length skirt and the pleats will be sewn at the top, so when it'll look like an Indian grandmother did it properly and no one will be the wiser.

    Stace- LOVE that you're listening to it! I can hear it! Oh wait, that's the call to prayer at the mosque down the road. Same diffy.

    Trude- it IS your studio. And the mangoes, the mangoes.

    Rachel- what they don't tell you is that sometimes they're covered in a film of pesticides and then you don't want to eat them. But otherwise, yes, amazing.

    VictoriaArt- thanks for the good karma! You're such a doll! xo.

    Kate- woman, I said good FELLOW, not good friend. I wish. And Ima tell Will on you. Now Rhiannon thinks I know famous people.

    Rhiannon- The Judester was just a one night stand of proximity-to-greatness, and no, I don't know Noah Lennox. That Kate is always starting rumors that makes me sound way cooler than I actually am.

  18. Lily, dear, you should sell your drawlings!!! I want one.

    Such a pretty time in India. When you are back I'll mail you almonds from Fat Uncle. Where are you landing when you return? Back to the farm or back to the desert? or somewhere else entirely...

  19. The textiles and turquoise color in this post is wonderful! Being in India with continual visual inspiration must really feed your creative process...thanks for sharing!


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