Friday, April 29, 2011

Searching, Finding

{The Week in Review}

Spent an embarrassingly large chunk of my week searching Jaipur for the following items:
-Italian wool
-cranberry juice

Found instead:
-Indian cotton
-purple twine
-OvEx (Indian Overnite Express)
-chikoo lassi

Sometimes what you actually find is better than what you originally set out searching for. Especially when it's 106 degrees and you come across a fellow selling fresh chilled chikoo lassis. Major score.

Have a great weekend. We're tying up loose ends and moving out of our apartment in one week (whot?!) before heading waaay north to a high-altitude heaven on earth for some R&R. And I have so. much. to do before we leave the Thunderdome I don't even know where to start. (But purple twine seems like a logical first step.)


  1. Gorgeous images - as always. Okay. Off to look up the word 'felicity'. Maybe I'll find some too?

  2. Purple twine is an excellent first step.

  3. sometimes it's hard for me to look at your photos... they are so beautiful it hurts!

  4. Hope the cranberry juice was for a tincture of gin.

  5. Ahh, the mountains. How our hearts reach out for such things when the temperature reaches into the 100's. I so sympathize living in the desert regions, Spring is but a fleeting glance backwards, come May. The Rockies tug and pull, until it becomes impossible to resist. Moving becomes second nature.

  6. What a beautiful/simple post. Your photos and writing always makes me happy.

  7. it's heating up here in california too, though our coastal 80 degree heat is probably like winter weather for your overseas folks. here's to hoping you cool down with more lassis and keep cool during the moving process.

  8. OvEx reminds me of BNN, the botswana news network my co-delegate and i invented in high school for model un when we got fed up with how security council was proceeding and decided we needed some special updates on our emergency topic. "sorry to nullify that last caucus, guys, but we just got some more news from BNN, and it looks like everyone in the provisional government's dead."

    safe travels, and have a wonderful time in the sky, princess lily!

  9. dude. high-altitude heaven on earth looks DREAMY. pics, please!

    have an epic time.


  10. happy travels! you could start something with this purple twine business...

  11. Oh my God you're going to ladakh...girl, let me tell you, you are living my dream. Please take TONS of pictures.

  12. I am so curious to see what you are making with all these things that you gather and the gorgeous drawings that we get to have quicks peeks of- thanks for sharing the felicity!

  13. Isn't colorful twine always the right step?!

    In other news, that first photo pretty much sums up why I need to get myself to India soon...

  14. yes, definitely, always go first for the purple twine. :) can´t wait to see the pictures you take! have a great time!!!

  15. I love those black holes we manage to fall into whilst searching for things in foreign countries. Especially when we might not know exactly what said things are called, and gestures don't work very well.

  16. Oh goodness...what GORGEOUS images! I love it when setting out one one journey leads you on another unexpected journey. Particularly when the unexpected journed leads you to purple twine;)


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