Friday, April 8, 2011

The Jaipur Julep

{Making Something Out of Nothing and Other Good News}

P. and I both got some really fantastic news this week. News that will throw our lives into wildly different but thrilling directions next year. News that will mean we will be returning to the land of purple mountain majesty with A Plan. And probably worms, but they make stuff for that.

The only reasonable thing to do when we got said newzes was to make an alcoholic concoction out of the available options in our local bazaar, starring a bottle of very cheap, very disgusting but perfectly useful whiskey. I'm a purest (Dalwhinnie if it's whiskey, Maker's if it's bourbon, cut with mineral water) but if living in India has taught me anything it's that one must always be willing to improvise.

And so let me introduce you to the Jaipur Julep. A real mint julep consists chiefly of bourbon, crushed ice, sugar, and fresh mint; the first two ingredients do not exist in these parts, but the second two are readily available. And let's add a little grated fresh ginger because we're in India and why the hell not.

Jaipur Julep
No Lilly Pulitzer dresses allowed.

whiskey or bourbon
robust bunch of mint
two Indian limes per person (the limes here are heavenly, tiny and sweet; if you don't have such things use one meyer lemon per person instead)
fresh ginger
unprocessed sugar
soda water

Using a pitcher and muddler (or in our case a wide plastic bottle with the top sawed off with a Leatherman, and a chipati rolling pin as our weapon), juice the limes and add all the shredded mint you care for. Grate a teaspoon or two of fresh ginger into the mix, add a pinch of sugar, and muddle your heart out. Strain into a glass. That's the mix.

In each glass, pour a dram of whiskey/bourbon, add double the amount of mix, and finish with soda water. Give a good stir and shabash! ("well done" in Hindi). Adjust to taste as you go. SO. GOOD. And so refreshing on these hot desert evenings in this crazyass city.

Enjoy, and have a good weekend! Newzes to be announced soon, promise.


  1. A woman after my own heart. inspire me to make do with what I've got (concerning alcoholic libations, among other things) and I love that. Enjoy the weekend and I can't wait to her this news. xoxo

  2. a lovely celebration.

    and i always love your big news.

    (i can hope it somehow involves a shack in the rocks?)

    with bated breath and congratulatory love and a fondness for planning.

  3. I LOVE LOVE JULEPS ... one of my favorite drinks!! Looks so tasty Lily!!! XO!!

  4. Your news always tends to be of the most exciting kind-needless to say I am eager to hear what adventure you are off to next!

  5. oh beautiful. i seriously want to jump inside of every single photo you take.

  6. I hate waiting!! Patience...I know, I know!

  7. But you wash that mint REALLY well, right? Hope your stomach has recovered and congratulations on your good news.

  8. I'm excited already!

    And longing for a mint julep. Yum.

  9. Can't wait to hear the news! And I would like to make one of these as soon as I'm home from work. Actually, I would like someone else to make it for me, and bring it to me while I sit on the couch. Maybe I should forward this post to Dustin?

  10. sounds like the prefect Easter drink to me....

  11. I am so promptly making this tonight it's not even funny. Maker Mark girls unite! My cupboard is never without a bottle. (In a non-alcohol addiction kind of way, of course.) I hope this awesome news involves California...

  12. Hmmm, this sounds sooo good!
    Hope you can share the news one day!
    Love your happy ways!
    Happy weekend!

  13. Can't wait to hear about/see what your next adventure will be. My first thought was that you were expecting a wee little one (read: baby) but you wouldn't be drinking juleps if that were the case. :)

  14. This looks great! You know, I've never actually had a mint julep...a shame, I know. This recipe should come in handy, then. :)

  15. ahhh...perfect way to celebrate. we are of the same mind - take whatever you can to make a celebratory drink - determination. look forward to hearing your news!

  16. i'm inspired! always wondered how to make a mint julep! congratulations on your mystery news!

  17. glad i have some co-conspirators in my Maker's/julep hankerings.

    Lost Planetista- you are right on about that. No babies in our immediate future, as far as I'm aware;)

  18. Way to clear up the fact that the news is not pregnancy ;)

    Also, yum.

  19. This sound and looks amazing, i shall be jotting this one down to make!



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