Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Desert Bloom, Desert Dogs

{Mac & Dolly}

P's mom is in Joshua Tree and Palm Springs for a few nights on a girl's trip (how fun is that? And they're staying at the Ace in Palm Springs. HIP MAMAS.) She's been sending us the cutest iPhone picture updates of our old haunts -dinner and two-stepping at Pappy & Harriet's, a hike in the National Park, swimming under the stars in the marvelous desert evenings- and not only does it make me pine longingly for The Kookiest Town on Planet Earth, but it really, really makes me miss our doggies.  I shot these two pictures during the desert bloom last spring, almost exactly a year ago.

Mac the corgi (aka Biscuit) was the prince of our little kingdom out there in the boulders and beavertails, and Dolly, the rescue we adopted when P. and I fist got married and moved to the desert, was our ever-faithful lady-in-waiting. The blue-blooded AKC champ corgi and the funny spotted mutt made our lives out there endlessly amusing and infused with love, and I can't wait to hold their precious velvet faces in my hands and squeeze the stuffing out of them when we come home in -my god- less than two months. *If* my mom and dad ever let us take them back. Seems like Ma and Pa Stockman have gotten quite attached to Mac's little corgyn snuffling and his trixie, impish ways, and they can't get enough of gentle Dolly's adorving, patient, mountain-moving love. In other words, they aren't giving them up without a fight. My pops recently sent me an email with a picture of Dolly curled up in his lap while he read the morning paper (she is not a small dog, people) and all it said in the subject heading was "MINE."

Uh-oh. I feel a parental arm-wrestling competition/ canine custody battle coming on.


  1. Did you know the Queen of Englad has corgis? :)

    corgis are perfect little cuddle monsters. It's really funny when parents view dogs as their grand puppies. Every time my mother watches my dogs she tells me that the dogs love her more. I just think to myself maybe its those crumbs she drops on the floor from baking and eating.



    When are you coming to the desert? Me and the baby will visit you.

  3. I love these pictures!!! Too bad my dog would never go for this and instead eat the flowers!

  4. ooooh... I bet you do miss your Kookie town! When are you returning? (Although I bet you'll miss India when you return!)

    I've been thinking about Pappy's! ... This Saturday Dengue Fever is playing there, fun! I think we're going to have to plan a trip out there soon... I miss it!

  5. two months?? What happened to time, did it become liquid?
    Oh, the dogs. I know how you feel like, being apart from them. I went on vacation for a week and left the kids at grandma's (translation: I left the cats with my mother) and even if I was with my friends and on a beach...I missed them.
    I know the dogs will go crazy the very moment they see you and will leave your parents without looking back. If not, fight for them! I need biscuit's post!

  6. So very true about Joshua Tree, crazy quilt of Kookieness. But again, so close to Winter Wonderful Palm Springs, and those far out reaching sky sets. Ohhhh your doggies and those flowers, it is the season, Spring and all that it promises.

  7. oh wow your time seems to be wrapping up so quickly....your doggies are so cute with thier flower crowns!

  8. Ha! Maybe you should have made them sign a custody agreement in advance. You'll know for next time.

    Can't believe you're coming back in two months! Time has flown.

  9. I know how much you miss them, i once left my cat with my mum and grandmother they got so attached when i came back 9 months later they said" your not taking her are you?" i was shocked i had not even thought for a minute of leaving her but, it was my grandmother...

  10. Whoa! You'll be back soon!

    And what naughty parents. No keeping of other people's doggies allowed, no matter how delightful they may be.

  11. Oh, this post made me all tingly with dog-induced happiness.


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