Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Curtains I Didn't Steal

{Three Images for the Weekend}

1. A riot of daisies blooming streetside in New Delhi (real flowers! in Delhi!)
2. Marvelous vintage hand-woven natural-dyed ikat curtains at a friend's studio. If I were in the habit of making off with people's curtains, I'da made off with these babies right quick. But if learned anything from two years of first grade it's that you don't want people going around saying you steal curtains.
3. The cheerful colors of an autorickshaw interior, uncheerfully abandoned mid-traffic jam by its apoplectic auto-wallah after a fender-bender. I've gotten really good at minor car accidents and squat toilets, by the way.

Have a maaahvelous weekend. I'll be posting images of the new paintings on Monday, so stay tuned!


  1. love the color of those daisies!!!

  2. i want an autorickshaw. so bad. it looks so cute.

  3. But a Curtain Bandit is a Fine Thing to Be!

  4. gorgeous colors in these photos!

    can i come visit you in new delhi? seriously.

  5. I would have needed to be restrained with those curtains.

  6. good job. i guess.

    and way to make me look forward to a monday morning. <3

  7. I have nightmares of ever having to use a squat toilet. Because I figure that the only time I'd be in place where they would have them, it would also be a place where I would occasionally (if not constantly) be eating food that would give me a bit of a guts issue. Upset tummy + squat toilet = TROUBLE.

    Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see the paintings. xoxo

  8. Daydreams, or nightmares. It's hard to determine which way it'll go with those riotous colors. I would spend my days searching for those wonderful antique textiles, only to pack them away for some undone future project. Best to admire, and photograph, and send off into the world as you've done. Thanks for the beautiful images.

  9. Don't try this at home.....
    Love all!
    Happy weekend!


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