Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pond Hockey

{Nothing Like a Game of Shinny}

There are two things I love in winter: spiked cider and pond hockey. Preferably at the same time. Lucky for me, I come from a family of reliable drinkers and devoted puckheads. My dad and sister played Division I hockey, and I peaked in 8th grade (in general, but especially in hockey) when I was captain of the junior high boy's team. Being the good New Englander that he is, P. grew up playing hockey, too. So when the pond froze over we all laced up and scrimmaged until the snow was too thick to pass the puck. And you can guess what we drank when we came inside all rosey-cheeked and exhausted:)


  1. I love this! Complete and pure bliss.

  2. That looks WAY fun, but WAY COLD! : ) pretty scenery though! happy saturday!

  3. Just thought I'd letcha know I did a wee post on your blog yesterday. Check it out if you get a sec.


  4. greetings of the new year, lily!
    just wanted to pop in and say hello ...
    and swoon over all of your holiday pics of *home*
    ~ such a grand time for you all ... especially love
    how you mentioned previously how your parents
    were so pleased to have their nest full again ...
    now, that warms me through and through ... : )
    LOVE your pond images ~ too much fun!
    all us kids of all ages need to get out and play
    like that! we (along with so much of the world
    this year) are seeing a magnificent amount of snow
    ... me and my xcountry skis are pretty gleeful!
    cheers to you wherever you roam ~

  5. You really do know how to have fun!!! HA! I love it! Much love Lily!!!!!!!!!! XO!

  6. Wow! This looks like such a good time! You've got some beautiful photos on here too! Love your blog, glad to see someone knows how to enjoy the cold weather!

  7. I am digging the phrase "a family of reliable drinkers". That's exactly how I will describe my family from now on - its the best kind of family :)

    Looks like fun x

  8. Well, I've never played pond hockey before. But it sure looks like fun!

  9. I'm glad you got a bit of snow before heading back to India. And just for the record, does everyone in your family own their own insulated Carhartt coveralls? Do you write your initials on the collar to tell them apart? I'm envisioning a huge closet packed with nothing but khaki. Love it!

    The alien will hopefully be birthed at home around Feb. 5th. It is a crazy thing happening down there. Trusting your body, getting jabbed in the ribs by little feet, or seeing a hand attempting to punch through my side. Freakin' amazing.

  10. Fourth picture. Biscuit smiling in the snow.

  11. This post is awesome. My husband and I play one-on-one-bring-i-back-to-the-blue-line-hockey almost every night together. The local rink always needs help keeping the ice clear (the man that works the warmin hut is about 90,000 years old. we asked if he was looking for volunters and he said, "if you'd want to shovel the ice once a week, that would be ok.") so we drive our little tractor over there and snowblow and shovel, and the get our game on. And I have THE SAME Carhart suit as you, and it's my hockey outfit of choice as well. :) Come on over to WI sometime and we'll have a game!

  12. Oh yeah and your taste for long-low-canines is right on. :) We also enjoy a long-low pal of our own...his name is Charlie Brown.

  13. this post made me smile...the puppies in the snow especially. xo t

  14. Great stories all around! Glad to know I have some fellow-pond hockey fans here.

    Kate So- yes, in fact, my entire families has Carhartt suits. We call it the Green Valley Farm tuxedo. Classy bunch, us Stockmans.


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