Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jaipur Wedding

{Or, The Hindus Really Know How to Throw Down}

Q: What do you get when an Irish Catholic Boston boy marries a Hindu honey?
A: The sickest wedding EVER, plus a pair of painted elephants.

You guys, we got a last-minute invite to a wedding in Jaipur from a guy we met on the plane. And we went. P. wore a turban. I wore my soiled stankass kurta and hoped no one noticed that I was woefully underdressed and that I smelled like goat+cardamom (note to self: stop putting it off and get a damn sari made already). The entire wedding party (including Various Important Personages astride bedazzled camels, horses and elephants) paraded around the grounds dancing to the insanity of the wedding band for nearly two hours before the jewel-encrusted bride finally made her dramatic entrance with a coterie of winsome bridesmaidens. Between the groom's fun-loving (if totally jet-lagged and slightly overwhelmed) Yankee family and the bride's exuberant (understatement) Rajput relatives, it was the most over-the-top wedding festivus extravaganza I've ever. seen.

Peak Life Experience, fo *sho.*


  1. As a child living in Kuwait, we had the chance to catch a Bedouin wedding celebration.
    It was huge. and colorful..
    Your pictures are Fantastic!

  2. What a wonderful experience to fall into. Those pictures are amazing. Looks like lots of fun!

  3. Oh my god! You have unknowingly redeemed one of the few regrets of my life! In Rajasthan, on a train, the railroad paymaster invited me to his daughter's wedding and I didn't go! I was 25 and alone and nervous and trying to Stick To The Plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Absolutely get a sari made - actually you buy the sari and they make the blouse, right? And learn to wrap it. And get some bindis for your forehead and gold bangles for your wrist. The Indians decorate themselves so beautifully, and I found that, 25 years ago, they loved my attempts to adopt their style almost as much as the Parisians love my attempts to speak French.

  4. my daughter is planning to study in india next year--now i'm hoping she finds mr. wonderful over there! (how selfish is that?) what a joy and privilege to attend that celebration. luscious pics, too!

  5. Holy moly! Makes me want to get married all over again, but this time in Jaipur!!! Amazing photos of what looks like a wedding to remember! xo

  6. Seriously. You are getting some major living done over there, lady. I love it!

  7. Wow so amazing. I have a friend who went to india for her cousin wedding and they have like a couple weeks of celebrating and traditions before the wedding. :) Love the elephant.

  8. That elephant!! He must be an obedient fellow to stand still long enough to get so beautifully painted.

    What an experience! (We had a family from India living with us for a while and they kept saying "What an experience" whenever it snowed. I am sure they were use to a wedding like this, but not snow!)

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  10. yes, get a sari made! although when i was in india, some of my schoolmates did and it seemed like the indians thought it was funny that the american girls were wearing saris. or cute? hard to tell.
    they do know how to celebrate a wedding, that's for sure. how did we americans end up with the most subdued wedding traditions in the world?

  11. Attend an Indian wedding is totally on my life list. Fingers crossed.

    And honey? Get a sari made! Seriously. You must have one for emergencies like this.

  12. Cool cool cool. If you do get a sari made, we want photos!!!
    I'd love to paint an elephant. Put paint ON an elephant, I mean.

  13. @Rachel An emergency sari! I love it!

  14. oh
    the tales you have to tell ...
    this has got to be the epitome
    of a party and you got invited!
    way way cool ... really thrilled for you!
    how does one go about choosing a sari?
    : )

  15. Rock the Casbah! After the Dench Experience, this cements you as Bad Ass Lady in my eyes! I'd never wing a ticket to a private event this rad.

  16. Gotta love those exuberant Rajputis! See it pays to be friendly on planes.

    I will take the elephants in full wedding regalia if you please!

  17. I'm new to your blog, so hello. :) I loved this post and the gorgeous photos- what an experience! It was like the Prince Ali scene from Aladdin, only a hundred-fold!! (being real and all)

    I also wanted to let you know that a group of ferrets is called a business. How cute is that?



    You're killing me, girl.

  19. A last minute invite!! How exciting! And these photos are gorgeous!!!! Lily, I am sure you looked dazzling and who cares if you smelled like goat it makes for a great story. Hugs and Love! XO!

  20. whoa. It must have been fun. Is that palace in last picture really pink?? Or is it because of the lights? Anyway, everything looks really wonderful.

  21. oh my god, this is incredible! you inspire me to pack up and move somewhere exotic. LOVE the colors. xo

  22. OH my goodness, this is amazing! That's incredible that you were able to be a part of it!!

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