Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why We're Here

{Four Months In}

Today marks four months of living in India (woot-woot!). People ask us why we moved here for a year and there are a lot of long answers, but the main reason is pretty simple. Ready for the big reveal? P. used to be in the Marine Corps. Gasp. I know. Didn't see that one coming, right? He spent fourteen months out of our first two years together in Iraq, leading a platoon of infantry Marines. So when he returned safely from his last combat tour we vowed that as soon as he got out of the Marines we'd move to a foreign country for a year and never spend more than a moment apart. And that's precisely what we're doing right now: Foreign-countrying and never-a-moment-aparting. It's not without its challenges, but moving to India has been the best thing we've ever done for our little fledgling marriage (well, the Scamp, too).

To celebrate, we sneaked up to our landlord's rooftop and watched the sun set over Jaipur. And ate unusual fruit wrapped in Hindi newspaper by the veg-wallah. And looked past the litter, the noxious fumes of burning garbage and the zombie apocalypse of street dogs, and decided that India, the real India (whatever that is), is a pretty magical place.  So this year for Christmas, despite my geeking out over all the retail delights in the last two posts, all I really want is *him.* And I'm pretty sure that's a safe bet now. Thank sweet lil' baby Krishna.


  1. Aww, that's such a sweet story! Thanks be to baby Krishna! :) Have a wonderful Christmas together! xoxo

  2. happy anniversary lovebirds! you have much to celebrate!

  3. A thousand times love you guys. I really do.

  4. Oh that is so sweet.

    ps: love how you call custard apple 'unusual'.

  5. good for you two.
    living an adventurous dream over there

  6. Love it. Love it. Love it. 'Bout made me cry at my desk. (People in love makes me happy, happy.)

  7. now that's what I call a love story...

    thanks for the reveal! brave of you...

    may the year to come bring you all the rewards of time spent together. a union of souls.

    love meets itself again and again and again (Gangaji)

    Jan at

  8. am i ever super happy that i chose today to peek in on you!!!

    hello sweet lily aka former desert girl!
    gigantic *sigh* of how delighted i am for you and your fella ...
    oh my, you have just made my day by sharing this ...
    i love that you are 'never-a-moment-aparting'!
    and i would say you have him whole heartedly ... forever ... amen!

    yay! ok ... now i am just plain giddy!

    wishing you the bestest always
    from the wintery prairies ...

  9. o.k., now I have all KINDS of questions. I thought ya'll were on some kind of funded research trip and India chose you. Not the case? Did you keep the pad back in JT? Rent it out? What made you choose India?

  10. Your landlord's rooftop is awesome.

    But you guys are the awesomest. Lots of love.

  11. Every time I visit your blog I love it more and more. This is SUCH a great story. You are blessed.


  12. Marriage is an adventure, right? All power to you, Merry Christmas!

  13. Two days ago it was my first month with my new cat Martino. I know. Not as exciting as four months in India.

    I'm drooling over that tea bag because I am a huge tea drinker and lover and I can't imagine what it like to drink tea in India...

    This is a sweet adventure. I love it even more now.

  14. Yay! You guys are the sweetest. Cherish the love.
    What? I'm serious. Kool and the Gang totally knew what they were talking about.

  15. Great story. I wish I could do the same with my mister. Good luck and keep the awesome pictures coming! :)

  16. This reason is better than anything I could ever have imagined.

    And now I'm curious about the logistics and finding a way to make something like this (and the Scamp) happen for my own marriage.

  17. Thanks for all the sweet, SWEET comments. You guys are the bomb dot com.

    Some clarification:

    So that's *why* we're in India; the *how* is via a year-long grant P. was awarded from the State Dept. to study drinking water here in the desert state of Rajasthan, and I'm funded through two artist-in-residencies I applied for. So that's how we're paying for this year.

    (If any of you artists are hankering for an opportunity to spend some funded time in India, email me and I'd be happy to share some recommendations for residencies.)

    Priya- unusual for us! I can't get enough of them. And what are those round fruits that look like potatoes but taste like burnt cake batter? SO AMAZING.

    Jennifer- Sadly, we never owned our beloved little house in Joshua Tree, just rented. And we chose India because it appealed to both our careers- a burgeoning contemporary art market for me and some really progressive innovations in governance and water management for P.

    xo to you all!

  18. My love for your blog has increased a million fold knowing the how/why of what you are doing. :)

  19. Merry Christmas you two. Semper fi!

  20. I keep returning to this with a heart all filled up.

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  22. Good heavens Lily! What a description!!
    Potato burnt cake batter fruit is called Chikoo or Sapota.

    One day I hope to eat a ' quince'.

  23. So, so awesome. A well deserved year together. You are such a wordsmith! :D

  24. Lily ~
    You in CA and India. I will NEVER EVER grow tired of you and your poetic world!

  25. I can't stop thinking about how great this is.

  26. I love this tid bit of info. You two are an incredible couple. LOVE these photos Lily and keep on living life!!! Hugs and Love!!!

  27. Love this the most! It's where stof and I are too. We are so excited about the possibility of weedling into each other's deepest and most intimate spaces while we travel together. That togetherness while we're just married saplings MUST be good for our marriage.

    And those fruit are awesome! I used to eat them in Brazil, but can't remember their name either in english or portuguese...

    PS: Am putting some more last photies from antarctica a little later today... in case you want to spy some more.

  28. yay for you! i hope you made it safely to america, and that you are enjoying the best christmas ever. so glad you are loving india, so glad it's GOOD. can't wait to hear more. kiss!

  29. I've always wanted to spend time in India. I'm going to live vicariously through your blog posts! Hope that's ok:)


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