Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

{Where to Go When You're Hankering after a Westernish Breakfast in Jaipur}

Best Over-the-Top Breakfast
Where: On the lawn at Rambagh Palace
With Whom: Uncle Arthur (oh, how we love Uncle Arthur) and the huz
What: Shade-grown Karnatakan coffee with frothed water buffalo milk (could have died and gone to heave right then and there), cardamom pumpkin cake (and what better way to start the day than with cake), a bowl of yogurt with sunflower honey, watermelon juice, and an assortment of fruit: kiwi, pomegranate, dragon fruit (which comes from a cactus!) and guava.
Worth Mentioning: Certain husbands went all-out and ordered the eggs Benedict, which was, supposedly, "ridonkulous." If you are a mere human like us and can't actually afford to stay at Rambagh Palace, do make a reservation to have a meal there. Peacocks wander the grounds. Men in starched linen uniforms and vermilion turbans tend to the guests. It's unlike anything I've seen in this world.

Best Budget Breakfast
Where: On the lawn at Hotel Arya Nivas
With Whom: The huz and a free Times of India Sunday edition
What: French press coffee, paneer parantha (curd pancake) with tamarind chutney, whipped yogurt with bananas, pressed-in-front-of-you orange juice and a plate of fruit: papaya, banana, pineapple and sweetsop.
Worth Mentioning: All in all, about $3 per person. I know. We loooove them rupees. Highly, highly recommend Arya Niwas as a super lovely budget hotel option if you're ever in Jaipur. The common lawn is such a peaceful respite from the madness of the city, and the food is cheap and delish.


  1. Oh God help me. This post when I have a tum upset due to upcoming exhibition nerves...?

  2. That over the top breakfast may be the best looking breakfast I've ever laid eyes truly jealous.

  3. Ohh i love love your breakfast description....and all that fruit looks DIVINE! Dragon fruit! Dying to come to Jaipur!!!

  4. p.s. are those new shades of yours? I like em.

  5. Great recommendations! That sounds just lovely!

  6. tamarind chutney!?! ohmy. i think i just died and went to heaven. i'm gonna have to start looking for that over sounds AMAZING! :) also, nothing beats freshly squeezed orange juice. yum!

  7. Upon waking this morning, all I wanted in the world was a glass of watermelon juice; cardamom pumpkin cake will exist in the Tiny Treehouse before the week is through. These things are the fault of one LILY who is you.

  8. WOWZA! SO stunningly beautiful! I want to be there.

  9. you had me at cardamom pumpkin cake.




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