Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Bonfire

{And a Recipe for Hot Toddies}

P. turned 27 on Friday. Anyone who knows him knows how incredibly lucky I am that I get to be his lassie. And anyone who knows him also know that he doesn't like a fuss over his birthday. Which goes strictly against my inclination to throw the love of my life a big birfday fuss. And so. A compromise. There was the gathering of friends around a bonfire, the crackling of sparklers, a surprise chocolate cake and Indian-style hot toddies steeped over hot coals. It was a low-key, magical night. 

Himalayan Hot Toddy
Based on the hot ginger drinks served at tea stalls in the Uttarakhandi region of the Himalayas, in northern India.  Even without the whiskey, this will cure what ails ye.

2 peeled and diced tubers fresh ginger
4 lemons, quartered
several tablespoons honey, to taste
good whiskey or bourbon, to taste
optional: cloves, cardamom, cinnamon

In a large kettle or pot full of water, add diced ginger, whole quarters of lemons (squeeze juice into pot first), spices and two tablespoons honey. Bring to gentle boil, then simmer. Add more lemon and honey to desired taste.  (Can stay on stove for hours; the longer you steep the richer the flavor.) Should be quite gingery with a peck of bitter lemon rind, but tempered by sweetness of honey. Pour through strainer into individual mugs and add a wee dram of whiskey. Serve with thin slice of lemon or cinnamon stick. Ta-da!


  1. Awww Happy Birthday to P!! And this recipe looks incredible!!! Hugs! xo

  2. Happy Birthday P! Have a magical year. And hot toddies with ginger, YUM.

  3. nek chands garden looks like a v. happy place! happy bday to p.! i bet he liked his bday party even more than i like that pic with the circling sparkler - which i like alot!

  4. Happy belated birthday P! And 'tis the season for hot toddies.

  5. Happy birthday to your man, it looks like a lovely way to spend your birthday :)

  6. happy happy november birthday! i think there's something quite wonderful about men born in november ;)

  7. happy birthday to him! the toddy sounds dee-lish and I bet it would work for me as a evening cold cure... will have to try it!

  8. Happy birfday, P!

    A sparkly, sparkler year to you both.

  9. I don't know how I came across your blog, but am so glad I did. Sounds like a magical night.


  10. Love the sparklers!!! So fun. We did smore's by the fire this weekend. Nothing beats a good bonfire. Looks like a fab bd-ay evening!!

  11. How fantastic a Himalayan Recipe!!!
    Happy B-day to P.

  12. Bonfire birthday! Doesn't get better, seriously. Except that you've added whiskey, so it does.

  13. Thanks for all the birthday wishes says a bashful P! You guys are the sweetest. And agreed: bonfires (espesh with whiskey) make for awesome November birthdays.

  14. Happy, happy birthday to P. And great good wishes for the coming year. I really loved your images of the celebration. I keep trying to take a light-writing picture like that. No luck so far.

  15. that really does sound like a fantastic birthday for a bashful guy - i have one, too, and will tuck these ideas away! felicitations to p - he's quite lucky, too.


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