Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bhuttico Shawls

{Handloom Textiles from Northern India}

It’s getting seriously chilly here in the lower Himalaya. Which means it’s now culturally permissible to swaddle oneself in gorgeous wool textiles. All of these handloom shawls are from my favorite source of traditional North-Indian textiles, Bhuttico. Again, these are all made by HAND. On a LOOM. By a co-op of women who gain financial independence by carrying on the tradition of Bhutti and Kullu weaving. I can't get enough of these babies.

But first, a quick test to see if you should be wearing shawls, capes, or other woolen mantles:

1. Do you have more than five cats?
2. Has it been more than a week since you last bathed?
3. Are you a bag lady?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions shawl-wearing may not be in your best interest, but no one’s judging. However, if you answered no to all three questions it may be possible that you can rock a shawl and make it look chic. Tall leather boots and slim, possibly stretchy pants are suggested. And perhaps some elbow-length gloves to keep out the draft. (Mine are kidskin and the color of coral. More practical people might disagree, but I strongly suggest you invest in a pair right. this. minute.)

And *that* is what I have to say about swaddling, kidskin gloves and North-Indian shawls.


  1. The shawls are gorgeous, but just the *idea* of those gloves is KILLING me.

    I must do better.

  2. ok. check beverly hillbillies, and then DON'T wrap that shawl around you the way that granny does!

  3. For me, the only upside of the wintertime is the ability to wear shawls and scarves with impunity for months on end. Otherwise, I'd like my summer frock back, please!

  4. Oh well, let's see...
    I have eight cats.
    I bath everyday.
    I am a bag lady for sure, i make the bags I wear.

    I can't wear stretch pants without exploding.
    I can't wear high heels without looking like a transvestite.
    I can't wear gloves and not loose the grip on everything I take in my hands and crash it on the floor.

    But I am a master of nonchalance, so I am going to give the shawls a try.

  5. My mum and grandmum have a bunch of these from India- they are so beautiful, I've loved them since I was a kid.

  6. First things first: how kickass is that that those women are making beautiful things and gaining independence at the same time. That is the stuff that good stories are made of.

    Secondly: My mom is in the process of knitting me some elbow length gloves and I'm super excited about them. Now I just need to acquire a proper shawl and learn how to wear it right so I don't wind up looking goofy.

  7. Oh, my goodness - I would kill for one of those beauties! Well, maybe not kill, but push forcefully. Well...I should stop.

    As someone who can confidently answer "non!" to all of the points above, I think I should begin incorporating capes, shawls AND mantles to my winter wardrobe. :)

  8. #4. Have you publicly professed your undying love for Stevie Nicks?
    I answered yes to #4, so I'm not sure I can rock the shawl, although I really, really want to.

  9. Please bring some back and open an Etsy shop with them. Share the love! I don't even care if I DO look like a bag lady!

  10. I love all of the colors!!!!! The red is personally my favorite!!! Hugs and love sweet friend!!! Please tell me more about how you are, life, what you've been up to etc!!! XO

  11. you are so funny...i love the green one!

  12. Gorgeous textiles! I'm such a sucker for them. Ask my husband how many shawls and scarves I have draped over the bassinett (where our future baby will be sleeping) in our room. Hmm...where will I put those shawls come December?

  13. Heaven in shawl form-those babies are beautiful! I daresay pretty enough for me to wrap up in without thinking twice about my feline status or personal hygiene. (Although I am happy to report that I am a no on both accounts!)

  14. these are beautiful. i love the colors.

  15. It's getting chilly here too. Could you send me that green one immediately if not sooner? thank you.

  16. Lil, I must tell you that my lady and I enjoy your posts with such delight! I totally love reading about you and P's adventures through the wild and woolies. And now you've got me an idea for a Christmas gift for my darling little sis. She's a huge scarf wearer, and I am a big fan of promoting women's business. So for that, I thank you! Hugs, K


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