Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Assessment

{A Trip to Kempty Falls}

Were goats involved? Yes. (+1)
Did you eat delicious street food? Yes. (+1)
Did it make you sick? No. (+1)
Did you pee behind a rock instead of using the fearsome public toilet? Yes. (-1)
Did anyone see you? Just a nice Indian family on a picnic. (-1)
Did you take any unnecessary risks such as scaling cliffs/taunting large animals? No. (+1)
Did you make it home without losing anything? Yes. (+1)
Do you need to wash your hair? Yes. (-1)
Is there running water in your house at present? No. (-1)

Total: +1. A success.

Also worth mentioning: tiny dark chickpeas, diced tomatoes, chopped chilies, minced onion, chili salt and lots of fresh lime juice = best street food I’ve had in India so far. YUM.


  1. Strangely, I have been having "goat" visual lately.


  2. Oh my WORD. These are just the thing to wake to on a cold, damp, dismal Monday morning! Thank you for sharing the vibrancy. And what a spectacular weekend. (Bar being caught out with your knickers down. Whoopsy.)

  3. Having grown up in the mountains with goats a la Heidi, I have not cared for them much until this week. But these are particularly splendid goats, I feel--the second such goat marvelousness that I have had the privilege to witness this season.

    And now I'm off to buy some limes. These are, as always, gorg (by which I mean simultaneously gorgeous, engorged, gorging, and, in some metaphysical/aesthetic sense in which beauty stops up both the time washing around me and the breath in my throat, gorge).

  4. Do you have any idea how much I love and want a goat of my own?! Well I do and badly! Can you take one as a new pet? I hear they are fiercely loyal and even cuddle sometimes! Pics are getting better and better by the way.

  5. I like that you had to pee behind a rock and in front of a family on a picnic. That's pretty much awesome.

  6. I object! Goats are at least +5!

  7. great photos...great color...great adventure

  8. That does look like the best street food ever! And I think not getting sick counts for way more than 1 point, you iron stomached woman.

  9. please explain the lemons on the bottles! xo

  10. the shot of the ladies tea'ing is my fav I think. but also love your snack... good going not getting sick! ^ ^

  11. Are those lemons atop the glass jars?

    It's so visually stunning.

  12. So, those are actually wee Indian LIMES atop the glass bottles! The tea shops sell them on hot days- it's fizzy soda water, a bit of sugar, a lot of fresh-squeezed lime juice and sometimes a tiny bit of salt. Very refreshing.

    Glad you guys are with me in goat appreciation, although it sounds like Amanda has the most hands-on experience with even-toed ungulates;)

    Stephanie- in my defense I was powdering my nose behind the rock BEFORE I saw the family.

  13. The funny thing is that when I left Milan for the place where I live now, my friends thought I was one cool adventurer. I have never thought like that about myself, just that my friends are chickens, but now that I read you blog I think I'm even less. I am just someone who moved somewhere else. This is definetly not as fascinating, tough, fun, adventurous as India. I am half an hour of train from Milan, come on!!

  14. have you heard of the gogirl? it's essentially a tiny pink funnel (because why make it a neutral color when you can make it bright pink?!) that allows you to pee standing up, without taking your pants off. something about this post just reminded me that such a weird thing exists in the world.

  15. bobbi- you ARE one cool adventurer! a cool adventurer whot still has access to excellent espresso, shoes.

    laura.- i had to reread your first first sentence thrice. i've heard of such things but never knew that it is PINK and called the GO-GIRL. and i still really want one of your grain silo prints that remind me of bozeman, montana. baaad.

  16. this street food sounds amazing. peeing in front of a family = totally worth it for tiny dark chick peas with diced tomatoes and fresh lime juice. also, i am going to do some research on this sounds like a handy thing to have around. :)


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