Thursday, September 16, 2010

Behold, the Recipe Index

{A Correction, Plus Some New Sidebar Features}

Thank goodness for fastidious fact-checking, fruit-eating readers. I did not have a quince the other day; it was in fact a small Indian guava. Which is embarrassing. But still delicious.

In other news, I've finally gathered up all relevant cooking posts and created a real recipe index in the sidebar to the right, complete with a list of some favorite albums to cook and eat to. Which is a very specific kind of album. I mean, who can listen to a crackling old Billie Holiday recording and not have the impulse to positively braise and stew something? (Any albums I absolutely have to add to the list? There are three stipulations: it must be an excellent album in its entirety; it must be conducive to modest hip-swinging, and it must not compete for airspace with dinner table conversation.)


  1. With so much guava around you must make guava cheese with the added benefit of a gr8 workout for your arms.

  2. Hmm...that guava cheese you speak tell how one might make such a thing.

  3. I just catched up some old posts...the Nest looks incredible. I can't imagine what it's like to paint to the light coming from an indian window overlooking the himalayans...And i thought I was lucky because I left the city for the country!!!
    And it's tru I always cook (or I try to ) whrn I listen to Astral Weeks.

  4. I would add the best of bill withers to that album list.

  5. I'm enjoying your travels, adventures and posts! Those recipes look delicious and can't wait to try some...and the addition of albums is a winner...thanks!

  6. Ohhh this is fantastic, I didn't realize you had posted so many delicious recipes!

    Also, tiny crush on the fruit guy. Indian boys are so cute. Waris Ahluwalia? I could eat. him. up.

  7. Oh you are the best! Love that you have paired music with cooking, can't wait to check it out. Have so much catching up to do on your blog! From the little I have seen I can tell you are soaking up the colors and experiences of India! Thank you for taking us with you!

  8. Recipe + album pairings are genius! Off to browse, dear.

  9. Such a beautiful photo!! Lily, how did you create your index?? Hugs friend! xo

  10. Hello there,
    Can't remember how I came across your blog, but it will be fun to follow along now that you're on such an adventure! Wow!
    Looks like you photographed an Indian Adrien Brody.
    I love the gorgeous light in the photographs of your new "nest." Very cool. Makes me impatient for an adventure of my own.

  11. Mmmmmmm! Thank you. Love these photos, Lily. xo

  12. I would add:

    Cowboy Junkies- Best Of
    The Meters- The Very Best
    Teddy Thompson- Up Front and Down Low
    Feast of Wire by Calexico, if your dinner party can vibe with a little mariachi twang

  13. Hmmmmmm....

    Ray Charles- Genius
    Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba
    Van Morrison - Moondance
    Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man In Babylon
    Nick Drake - Pink Moon
    Thicker Than Water - movie soundtrack

    A good start! Enjoy

  14. AWWWESOME RECOMMENDATIONS. Cowboy junkies = fave band eeeevvvvver.

    Anna- YES, part of the reason I shot that fruit fella was because I thought, hey, he looks like an Indian Adrian Brody. So glad you noticed;)

    Kate- who knew you had a thing for Sikhs? Good to know. Waris is pretty dashing.

    Caro- I made a new *page* (vs. post; it's a newish feature), made a list that linked to each recipe, and then manually copied and pasted the url of that new page into the optional url bar for the picture gadget in my sidebar. That sounds so confusing- email me if that doesn't make sense and I'll write more detailed instux. Coeur de La def. deserves one with all your insanely delicious recipes!

  15. Just amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey. What kind of tea are you drinking there? Perhaps tea can be a whole post of its own?


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