Friday, August 13, 2010

Nashvegas Guide

{24 Hours with Friends in Nashville, Tennessee}

Dinner: The Family Wash. It used to be a car wash. Now it's an East Nashville hangout with live music, rad vegetarian shepherd's pie and an excellent, eclectic beer selection.

Dessert: Popsicles at Las Paletas. Try the plum mascarpone or the basil. Or, in my case, plum mascarpone and basil. But in my defense the Nashvillian we were visiting said it was ok on account of the hot weather.

Honky-tonk: Robert's Western World downtown. Old school Nashville sound and spectacular people-watching. Gives our beloved desert watering hole a run for its money.

Breakfast: Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville. Get the peaches with homemade ricotta on whole wheat boule with honey.  Then help the person on your right with their buttermilk griddlecakes and bacon.

Panic: When I got a call from a good Samaritan saying he'd plucked Biscuit up from four lanes of traffic in downtown Nashville and found my cell phone number on his collar. That slippery homefry found a hole in our friend's fence and took himself on a walk while we were out. NAUGHTY BISCUIT. Thank heavens he's ok. And thank heavens for good Samaritans with soft spots for corgyn.


  1. I've been following your blog for a few weeks, (1st learned of you on Heart of Light, I think, but can't remember how I found HoL in the 1st place), thanks to your beautiful paintings & my desert obsession.

    How wonderful to see you passed through my town, and even my neighborhood, seeing as I'm an East Nashvillian.

    Biscuit couldn't have wandered off in a more lost-dog-lovin' place!
    good luck on your journey.........

  2. Ah! I'm glad Biscuit is okay!

    I totally want to hang at the ex-car wash and eat that shepherds pie. Sigh, another goal.

  3. Oh Lily, you are killing me with these posts. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!

    Ok, maybe not. But keep 'em coming, m'kay?

    (That Biscuit...)

  4. Glad you enjoyed Nashville and that our hospitality extends to lost pooches!

  5. I'm going to have to visit Nashville - for the music and food equally.

  6. My boyfriend called me from Nashville last night,said it was Elvis week? Have fun as always!!!

  7. Biscuit is my favorite blog-dog, I'm so glad the good samaritan called you. Naughty, naughty biscuit.

  8. Silly, naughty, dog! I am so glad Biscuit is okay. Also, those popsicles look delicious!!

  9. Thank God Biscuit is safe!! I'll be in Nashvegas this weekend and going to have to try Marche Artisan Foods - that photo is calling to me! I so wish you could've breezed through Louisville on your way! xoxo

  10. holy crap! I seriously would have had to take a day off from work to cry if anything had happened to that little corgi butt! aahhhh.

  11. Bad. Dog.

    However, that looks like some fine bacon. So...

  12. I love your corgi almost as much as I love my corgi. He's afraid of garbage trucks, and would never, ever have enough chutzpah to sneak out through the fence. I wish Biscuit was going to India too, but I can't wait to read your posts regardless!

  13. BISCUIT!!!!!!!

    and i might neet to resume my hounding on ben to move somewhere like nashville....

    (hmmm. how long of a drive i wonder to get to some surf from nashville...)

  14. i can't believe i haven't been stalking your blog for longer. you see, i'm from nashville, and you went to all of my favorite places on your brief visit! (including robert's western world, which was where we had a big party the night before our wedding... i used to live mere blocks from there and went every weekend). xo.


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