Friday, August 13, 2010

The Heads, Etc.

{South Dakota Lite}

P. and I had three days to cover two thousand miles between Bozeman, Montana and Nashville, Tennessee. Which meant we didn't have time to meander through the Badlands whilst listening to Springsteen's eponymous album (which is rough-cut, haunting and absolutely beautiful- download the whole thing). But we did stop by Mount Rushmore, or, as my Aunt calls it, "The Heads." And the Mitchell Corn Palace. Which is not a palace at all, but is indeed covered in corn.

I'm not saying who, but someone in our vehicle had a small meltdown when we whizzed past the exit for De Smet, South Dakota and the chance to see the historic home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. But certain husbands said we had places to be and that we can't stop EVERYWHERE, and it's a long way from Bozeman to Nashville when you're towing a Scamp. So we drove on towards Nebraska. With no anthemic Springsteen moments. And no Little Town on the Prairie memorabilia.



  1. Oh dear. I might have offered to drive at the next gas-fueling up point and turned the car back around towards Little House on the Prairie.

  2. It's a big country.

  3. You and I will go visit Little House on the Praire ya-ya style when we have ze TIME. I love that you took a picture of the sign. I love more that you wore your Little House on the Prar outfit to my birthday party last year. (Laura Ashley prints) LOVE YOU!

  4. Dear Lily,
    So this Springsteen album. I MUST have this. To where on the great big internet can it be found? My searches are coming up nill.
    what gives? directions please.

  5. Oh my, Little House on the Prairie, I would have had a freak-out too!

  6. Love this post! Makes me nostalgic for SD. Spent the first 25 years of my life on the wide-open prairie of South Dakota. You're not missing much by passing up Laura Ingalls home, but the Badlands are amazing and completely worth a little detour.

    Also, LOVE your blog and your art!

  7. but there was mossy *lichen* stuff, no?

    (er, catching up)

  8. I loved all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a child...I remember feeling like she must've felt during all the the great experiences she wrote about. Your blog is making me want to get in our little 21 footer and head out!! In due time, in due time...xo

  9. Too bad you did not get to see the Little House on the Prairie homesite. I mad two grown men stop the car there on the way to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis in 2006. They were embarrassed......but I was happy!


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