Friday, August 20, 2010

The Farm


We finally made it home, Scamp intact and all dogs and husbands accounted for. Real-home, where my family lives on a little green swatch of farmland in New Jersey. Where we go swimming and pick blueberries and eat splitting heirloom tomatoes off the vine. Where we are our parents' children, and where it is always safe, boisterous, and full of barking dogs and bossy sisters.

The garden was marvelously overgrown with my favorite late-summer hussies: zinnias, raggedy bee balm, leggy phlox and thickets of beetle-eaten echinacea. Barn swallows warbled and chattered above the din of cicadas. The hay wagons were parked in a row, ready for the second cutting of timothy, and the barn floor was cool under our bare feet. This is how it always is in August on the farm. And it's always *really* hard to leave.

P.S. Remember when it looked like little Lemon might not make it? As you can see she's miraculously alive and as healthy as she's ever been in her thirty-something years.


  1. Yay lemon! I love summer wildflowers sooo much. my parents' home is likewise filled with them.

  2. So, so beautiful! Sounds like Heaven. So happy to see Lemon doing well (and the rest of you too)! XOXO

  3. Oh, this made my heart swell, and *ache*. But you will be home again, soon, new adventures under your belt.

    And oh Lemon. Well done.

  4. Stunning pictures and word thoughts. This is your sense of place, your where and why. You will keep these photos of home close to your heart, as you grow with every new adventure. Very funny, I am a middle child, with two "bossy sistas". Be safe, do good work, and God speed, dear girl.

  5. Hi Hon ~

    Looks like total paradise! And Lemon is a beauty!

    I'm going to make warbled my word of the week ~ such a great one!


  6. Why both my mom and dad live in apartments in the city?? I want to have parents with a farm too. So sweet, surreal and romantic.
    The more i visit your blog the more I understand you're really living the life of my dreams...India included.


  7. Yes, yes, spitters all.

    Have spent some time trying to decide if your purples are from a chaste tree or a butterfly bush. Then I considered the butterflies, and their questionable state of chasteness, and wonder no longer.

    and a LOVELY slice of Lemon, my dear.

  8. three cheers for lemon!

    if i had a house like yours, full of life and the comforts of beauty, i would never leave it. :)

  9. this is my favorite post. how i love that you shared a bit of the farm. the talk could have easily been from my barn and lemon well she is lovely. 'splitted tomatoes right from the vine" yes and how wonderful are they! tolstoy has three barn swallow nest in his stall- the babies watch me as i groom him how i love how they fly in and out. the flowers are as you describe them!
    i lovet that you grew up there and that you can come home and be your parents children...

  10. How lovely to visit the farm and be the children of your parents for a little while. Enjoy!

  11. So the other day I was on my way home from work here in Portland Maine and I saw a Scamp parked on the side of the road. It made me happy to think that it might possibly you; someone on a great life adventure.

    - Roxanne

  12. Looks amazing and what a great way to spend your final bit of time in the US. Enjoy your next adventure.

  13. Really lovely post, Lily. Thanks very much for your beautiful images and words. Best..

  14. Truly moving post and pictures. Life really can be simple and more moving. It's just what we choose.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  15. thanks for all the lovely comments! the purple flower is indeed butterfly bush, which attracts swallowtails like bees to honey. and roxanne, WE saw a scamp outside portland a few weeks ago TOO and couldn't believe it; i wonder if it's the same one- ?!

    hope you're all having a good end of august. xo.

  16. Wow - your parents home sounds just so idyllic!! It sounds comforting, nurturing and grounded. It sounds like the place we would all have dreamed to come from!!!! You are one lucky girl, but of course, you know it :).


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