Monday, June 14, 2010

Vows In A Hayfield

{June 14, 2008}

He wore his dress blues. I wore my mother's veil. The barn swallows cavorted above the hayfield congregation as the brass band played a jaunty rendition of Saint-Saƫns. After dinner a summer thunderstorm rolled in, and four generations danced barefoot together in the rain and muck.
I never wanted it to end.

"Ever singing, march we onward, victors in the midst of strife / Joyful music leads us sunward in the triumph song of life."

Photos by the marvelous Scott Lewis


  1. How beautiful!! Happy, Happy Anniversary, dear Lily and P! Have a great day of celebration! Love from Kentucky! xoxo

  2. I am so NOT surprised that your wedding was magically beautiful.

    Hope you had the best weekend. And happy anniversary!! xx

  3. And now I cry, chin-wobblingly.

    March thee onward, gorgeous yous.
    Well done.

  4. How very beautiful. And the hymn verses. I was going to say, "inspiring," but I think I like "inspiriting" better. Those verses are inspiriting.

    You have a lovely blog.

  5. I spy: wooden houses for your wooden birds. And cufflinks, butter whot has been piped instead of patt-ed, and excellent, coordinated orangeness. That's the best kind, Lily. Your happiness makes me happy, you know.

    A good Ford, as well.

  6. Those photos say it all! Wow, what a wedding! What a couple. We've never even met, but I adore you still. Happy, happy Anniversary. Now, on to your next adventures!

    xoxo Gigi

    P.S. I've got a giveaway going on with a cool giftie. How cool it would be if you won!

  7. Oh how beautiful! I love the dancing under the tent with a good east coast storm outside.

    Congrats on your anniversary!

  8. your wedding your wedding! thanks for sharing glimpses of this special day with us. nice getaway.

  9. Thanks guys! For the record, because posts about weddings tend to make everything look perfect and styled just so, some details to assure you that there is no such thing as PERFECT, and that little foibles are what make the day so marvelous:

    -Yoga and chilling with the bridesmaids the morning of the wedding? Hell no. My mom put the wedding party to work spray-painting bird houses (we used them as table numbers), finishing the seating and flower arrangements and tying lavender posies the morning of the wedding.

    -It was 90-something degrees with full humidity the day of the wedding. People were HOT and the bridesmaids were SWEATING THROUGH THEIR DRESSES, and no proper lady wants visible boob sweat whilst walking down the isle. So we truncated the service so that people wouldn't pass out in the heat. Lesson: the comfort and happiness of the guests is paramount.

    -My sisters helped me sneak on my favorite, ancient red cowboy boots right before the ceremony. Walking down the isle in red cowboy boots is a) more practical than dainty heels when one is getting married in a hayfield and b) a lot more fun. There is no reason why practicality can't also yield a bit of whimsy.

    -The brass band inexplicably stopped playing in the middle of the last verse of the hymn, and a few of us (ok, me, my youngest sister, and my tone-deaf great-aunt in the back row) sang a word or two out loud, very loud, to total silence. Everyone busted out laughing, and it set a lighter mood. In other words, mistakes and humor mid-service can be a WONDERFUL thing.

    -I totally forgot to throw my bouquet.

    -Someone stepped on my bustle during the mamba line and the giant watermarked silk bow ripped half way off my dress. Lesson no. 1: serves me right for so gleefully taking part in a 150-person mamba. Lesson no. 2: serves me right for having a giant watermarked silk bow. Lesson no. 3: ain't nothing a few safety pins can't take care of.

    -Our guests had strawberry shortcake with buttermilk biscuits for dessert, but P. and I cut a groom's cake made by a local baker. The cake cost less than $30 and it was the simplest, homeliest little carrot cake you've ever seen. No sense in spending lots of money on a CAKE, for heaven's sake.

    -It POURED around 7pm. Thunder, rain, howling wind, billowing tent. The hot summer air cooled off, the rain stopped, and it made the night even more magical. Rain/snow/hail/general inclemency can take a wedding day fabulously out of your control. And that's a good thing.

    -The getaway car in the last picture, our old pickup truck? The headlights went out half way down the driveway (I mean, it's a Ford) so we turned around and came back to the party.

    ALL IN ALL it was a big, wild country wedding, and P. and I had the time of our lives. We planned it in less than three months and somehow pulled it off, but MAN was it a group effort. And I think that's precisely why it was so much fun.

  10. Love the beauty and the foibles. And we also had an old Ford getaway car (which we left at the party for safety). Husband had to go get it the next day and drive it back alone in all of its bedecked beauty. I still laugh thinking about it.

  11. happy anniversary and what great memories you will always have for this day!

  12. oh lily, i love these photos, and i love the backstory and details even more. big wild country weddings are the best kind, and the fact that it was a group effort is the most important part. isn't that what weddings are all about anyway?
    ps. was it at your parents' place in jersey? soo gorgeous.

  13. it was indeed on the farm, in hopewell, nj, where i grew up and where my parents still live. fewer animals than when we were kids, but still happy mayhem. on the morning of the wedding my dad tied long grosgrain ribbons in the trees and fences around the farm, and some of them are still there, albeit tattered and no longer so white!

  14. Lily your wedding was beautiful. These photos seem to capture you and we have yet to meet. Congrats to you and P Lily. Sending you much love! XO

  15. Loved looking at this and Scott Lewis'exquisite photos and I thought 'oh gosh, this is really the perfect wedding', then I read your response to the comments. Now I think your wedding was even more perfect. Thanks for sharing with us Lily :)

  16. I only started following your blog recently, it's wonderful! Happy anniversary!

  17. Lily ~

    What magic that took place underneath that 'big top' ~ the perfect wedding indeed! Of course, I expected nothing less from your divine self!


  18. Happy belated Anniversary. What a beautiful wedding! Love and the details, and the unplanned magic. It misted during my outdoor wedding ceremony and it was romantic. Thanks for sharing!

  19. What gorgeous, gorgeous images of your wedding. The second-to-last one? Of the tent, all glowing against a darkening sky? Made me gasp out loud!
    Happy Anniversary! :)

  20. beautiful! and the light is amazing!

  21. It looks so beautiful! I love the photo of the stormy skies over the tent. I read your comment insert of the "imperfections" but honestly... that's what makes it so special, memorable and furthermore, personal to you!

  22. Awwwww ... magical, in that absolutely real sort of way.

  23. these are beautiful! I'm a big fan of your wedding.


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