Sunday, June 27, 2010

There Was A Bonnie Lass

{By Robert Burns}

There was a bonnie lass, and a bonnie, bonnie lass,
And she lo'ed her bonnie laddie, dear;
Till war's loud alarms tore her laddie frae her arms,
Wi' monie a sigh and tear.

Over sea, over shore, where the cannons loudly roar,
He still was a stranger to fear;
And nocht could him quell, or his bosom assail,
But the bonnie lass he lo'ed sae dear.


  1. there's love, love, love in your house.

    My house too. Also, great affection for a that ex libris-and-endpaper combo.

    Welcome back!!

  2. Sending you a hug Lily!!!! XO

  3. I believe you and Beth were separated at birth! :)

  4. The bookplate! The bookplate! I am officially having bookplates made for myself and they are going to say "Please Return Without Fail." I love it.


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