Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silverlake Recap

{And 800 Miles of Driving}

The weekend was a blur: Joshua Tree to Bakersfield to Silverlake to Santa Monica to San Diego to Silverlake to Joshua Tree. Three days, 800 miles, two openings, and one red velvet cupcake shared with the man I love during the midnight drive home. The Bakersfield show was wonderful and it was an honor to be a part of it, but transforming a friend's apartment into a pop-up gallery for a day may be the most fun I've ever had selling art. Everyone pitched in, and it was a blast.

Obviously, the only reasonable way to greet guests was with an enormous chicken painting and a cupcake tower.

If chickens and confections did not appease then there was more pedestrian barnyard fare and ice water around the corner.

Devoted friends hand-muddled strawberry mojitos for those so inclined.

Refreshments went down easy on a such a warm Sunday afternoon.

Friends, neighbors, bloggers, coworkers and fellow artists stopped by. My beloved sixth grade science teacher, whom I haven't seen in fifteen years, made a surprise cameo.

We were flattered to provide one young patron with her first pop-up gallery experience (I'm not sure she was terribly impressed)...

...and another with her first piece of original art.

By 7pm the crowd dispersed and went home with new paintings and slightly stale cupcakes in hand. There are worse patron saints to honor than Wayne Thiebaud, what with all the oil paint and buttercream frosting to be had.

An enormous buttercreamed THANK YOU to everyone who made it happen.


  1. If I could have been there I would have snatched up one of your paintings for sure. (and a cupcake too!) How wonderful to have such supportive and creative friends.

  2. it was great fun and what a wonderful friend to open up her home especially to complete strangers like me!

  3. Your paintings looked great in the space Lily and I loved your friend's ceramic tiled kitchen. Did not notice it but I have the same tablecloth! (But I turned mine into an Amy Butler pouf!) Wonderful setting and a (wonderful apparently) sixth grade science teacher!

  4. Lily, I wish I could have come! Is the website on permanent hold now that you are moving?

  5. Thanks everyone! It was so wonderful meeting you, Soulflower and Mlle!

    Meghan, the website and blog will both stay current and posted-on, respectively. (With some stretches of silence here and there, I'm sure!)

  6. this looks like it was a lovely gathering!! makes me with i were closer to la...or joshua tree!!!! those strawberry mojitos have me inspired to muddle something up in my mason jars!!! so lovely!

  7. seriously - that chicken painting rocks my world. it's so awesome, i'll dream about it tonight. also, there were cupcakes and strawberry mojitos? why are you so far away!

  8. looks absolutely wonderful. wishing for an afternoon sitting around looking at lovely art, eating cupcakes, and sharing photos. so perfect.

  9. This looks like SO much fun! Yet another reason I wish you were not so far away (and soon to be even further - so exciting!!) xoxo

  10. Moos and mojitos. MOOS AND MOJITOS.

    What wonder, dearest Lily. What fun.

  11. What a wonderful idea. I would have loved to be a part of something like that. I think you must have the most wonderful friends.


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