Friday, June 4, 2010

See You In L.A.

{Or Bakersfield}

I put the final touches on the new homestead paintings at 2am last night; now I just cross my fingers that they'll dry in time to frame and hang for Sunday's show in Los Angeles.  I can't WAIT to see those of you who are coming! And for those of you who are *considering* coming but need some extra motivation: there will be gourmet cupcakes.

I haven't had a moment to shoot the new work, but here are some mid-process pictures from the studio last week that will give you a hint of what's up my sleeve. Same subject, more geometric.

Have a fantastic weekend. P. and I are headed to Bakersfield tonight for the opening of a group show at Metro Galleries, which will feature some large-scale nudes I did earlier in the year that completely scandalized my mother (sorry mom!).  Then we'll zoom down to L.A. to hang the show for Pop-Up Silverlake. It would be seemly if we were traveling by mule train as we crisscross Southern California trying to hawk my wares but alas, I can't find my bonnet and and the Tacoma is just so much faster.


  1. i love you! i'm proud of you! the new paintings look fantastic! see you tomorrow - i'll have the gourmet cupcakes READY! on y va! xoxo

  2. yay, congratulations!! even the process shots look great. i hope your weekend of travel and art and cupcakes is wonderful. i wish i could come to the show. or shows.

  3. the paintings look excited to see the finished product...and gourmet cupcakes???? i am so excited!

  4. Have the best weekend! Your show will be utterly fab. And I'm intrigued by your scandalous nudes! Where can I get an eyeball at them?

  5. it looks beautiful - i like your style.

  6. i love the homestead series. hope you had a fantastic weekend and an even more fabulous show in LA..

  7. Lily! We missed it. :(

    So sad. The baby wasn't having a trip to silverlake yesterday afternoon. Poor parents. Always at the mercy of the little person.

    And now you're moving to India and I won't be able to see a show until you return. But that will be an amazing show, won't it? I'm guessing the homestead series will come to a close and we can expect something inspired by your new, temporary home?

    this is all very exciting.

  8. How lovely! I hope the the show went well!


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