Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For Whittling

{Or, An Almost Practical Gift}

Since we are three weeks away from moving into a 6 x 13 foot travel trailer and two months away from moving half way across the globe, we are trying to cease the accumulation of Stuff & Things. Which really cramps my style when coming up with an anniversary present for my strapping lad, i.e. no live animals, heirloom vegetable seedlings, or antique shotguns (all presents I've burdened him with in our two short years of wedded bliss). Something modest in price and scale, but useful and potentially charming. Like this:

1940s butter-yellow enamel pocketknife. Sterling shanks. Steel blade. Slightly rusty. Perfect.

And psst... I'm guest-posting over at For Me, For You today; come say hi! 


  1. such a lovely little trinket. &i loved your post over at kate's blog. i've always wanted to visit joshua tree and the colors in your photos make me want to paint my walls red and teal.


  2. i hope sweet p. loved it (how could he not?) happy anniversay, sweet girl. xo

  3. wow- what an adventure you are about to partake in- congrats and safe journey ...


  4. Cute nails. That's a perfect gift for a desert man.

  5. well curated! Totally worth schlepping there and back in the secret depths of one's airline luggage.

    My attempts to post Wilma June Also From Above were thwarted by blogspot's refusal to support my html tag. So it's over at my place, since she refuses to be out-longed or out-lowed by a CORGI.

  6. Perfect gift! What a nice knife. Do like the thought of sitting round a campfire whittling.

    -wow- just spotted your Collection of Collective Nouns! A murmuration of starlings??!!!! I love it!!!The Charm of hummingpbirds as well!!
    Ha ha and the SMACK of jellyfish- is that real?!

  7. No way, Lillette! Currently searching for a knife for C to go along with his fancy Brooklyn made leather belt pour notre anniversaire. Swiss Army just isn't cutting it... lurves!


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