Monday, June 28, 2010

Desert Swim

{Stock Tank in the Rocks}

When you have friends up the hill who are in possession of an enormous stock tank and when you have been working outside in the hundred degree heat all day, the only reasonable thing to do is to call those friends and ask please for the love of god can we go swimming in your pool. They say of course. So you gather up the dogs and the husband and a few cold beers and you go swimming in a glorified stock tank in the middle of a rock pile. And it feels absolutely. ridiculously. wonderful. Then you admire their VW Thing parked just yonder, because maybe after restoring the Scamp you need to get your hands on a vintage dune buggy. Just saying.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Apologies for the lack of self-restraint by showing not one but TWO hindquarter shots of Biscuit. I can't help myself. We are racing against the clock to finish the Scamp because, muggles, the movers are coming on Wednesday and taking all our belongings cept what we can fit in the truck and the Scampalamp. So it's a little crazy around here. 


  1. How about an entire post devoted to lots of pics of Biscuit's behind?
    Btw, the way you compose your pics is very good. Makes everything look like I'm looking at it for the first time.

  2. Few things make me squeal more than Corgi hindquarters. I can spot a corgi from blocks away walking in front of me based solely on the 'tocks and waddle.
    I'm sure it's not nearly as hot here as it is there, but it's 95 with 60% humidity and that pool is CALLING MY NAME!

  3. We are in the midst of planning out a smaller version of a stock tank pool for our backyard, but now seeing this taller version I am desperate to know where your stylish friends procured this tank from.

    Love the deck and that custom ladder! We are close by in Hemet and have been painting the exterior in that same 100 plus heat and are desperate for a place to jump in and cool down.

    Can't wait to see the scamp finished up.

  4. what every household needs - we now know, thanks to you, lily - is a giant stock tank in the midst of a rock pile. replete with arriere-vues de corgi! (sorry, going to france soon) how can you tear yourself away!?

  5. Oh my, that pool is wonderful! These pics are gorgeous - I can really get a sense of the atmosphere even though I am several thousand miles away. Have a great week!

  6. Your photos always make me want to be right there! I want a stock tank and a VW Thing...AND a Lily with a corgi who brings cold beers over with her to swim! :) xo

  7. Someday.

    p.s. the husband is off to Bangalore, you two will have to compare notes.

  8. Looking at these pictures almost makes me want to live in the desert :)

  9. 100 plus degree heat, and a full moon in "Holy Crap daylight". How I will miss your desert musings, lovely take on our prickly Mojave.

  10. I share with you the hell that is the 100+ days but sadly not the "super-bitchen" pools you people have!! Carry on with your bad selves...

  11. I want to live there!!!! Such great photos and the colors just POP in your photos! Sending you a sweet hug Lily! xo

  12. Hello, I just fell head over heels for your writing style, your friends' pool, your pups, your art, and your penchant for trespassing. Oh, and your recipes. So - pretty much everything about this blog.

    And you made me wistful with thoughts of my trip through Joshua Tree. . .embarrassingly enough I spent a whole day driving a jeep through the park. . . wondering why I never saw any of the famous trees as seen on the U2 album cover. When I later googled images of the trees and discovered that I'd been surrounded by them, well - that was amusing. I had expected it to be much taller and grander.

  13. Stock tank pools are the coolest. For reals. And I'm super excited to see the Scamp. Be sure to drink lots of water out there in that heat!

  14. these pictures are LOVELY...and make me seriously jelous that i a. don't live in the desert. and b. don't have friends with such a beautiful pool and general grounds. Can't wait to see more of your scamp : )

  15. thanks to the brickhouse for turning me onto your blog...wonderful!

  16. Sexy biscuit.

    Also, you win.

    That's all.

  17. very nice...i wish i had a stock tank!

  18. There are few lives that I actually covet. Yours, my darling, is surely one of them.

    And with biscuit I shall convert the husband. We are corgi people at heart, I know.

  19. The birdfeeder's crazy hot, too

  20. gosh! These pictures are amazing! and that pool looks like bliss!
    I'm loving your blog more and more with every visit!

  21. omfg. this is the most jealousy inducing post yet. i am going to drive out to that desert right now and stalk those friends and just, squat in that perfect yard.

  22. What a great place this looks like!
    THe pool, sun, desert and outdoor patio looks amazing. What a beautiful gem of a place.

  23. that is the coolest pool ever!

  24. Wow! This is drop-dead gorgeous!
    I'd like to jump in your pool immediately!
    Greetings from far-away Germany :)

  25. great pics of a great place! thanks for sharing...

  26. Amazing scenery, great pool for a swim.

  27. How deep is that stock tank? Do you know where your friend's purchased it from?

  28. Our friends said the tank is actually a short grain silo, and they bought it from a place in Silverlake (a neighborhood in Los Angeles), but I'm afraid I don't have the actual name of the place.

    It's a good 5'6", 6' feet deep, I'd say- deep enough to cover my head but the fellas can stand and enjoy cold beverages with their head and shoulders out. It took them a few seasons to figure out the best system (they started with salt water, then ended up getting a filter and using chlorine like a pool). It's lined with a black spray-rubber but stays surprisingly cold in the desert, just fyi.

    Hope that helps!

  29. Thank you very much. That helps tremendously! I think it looks awesome. I appreciate it!

  30. I like your pool

  31. Your pool is so cute. I think that is a great idea. A pool that is made in metal. I am sure staying in that pool will make my body so relax.

  32. What a great idea for a swimming pool! I loved this so much I shared it on my blog:

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  34. th thig that makes me truly happy about this right here is you calledme a muggle!

  35. Love, love, love your blog. What an inspiration for living. I'm in the process of buying a home in Joshua Tree and seeing the tub and other images has steered me in an exciting direction.
    Thank you and happy creating.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. hiya.. found your blog through pinterest via brick house. LOVE the pool. I live in utah and can relate to the desert heat.. hence the search for some kind of place to cool down that i can actually afford. Thanks for the info. Neato pix and aDORable corgi.

  38. These pics made me homesick.. found this blog off of pinterest. I only lived in JT for a year and a half, but no other place has ever felt so much like home to me. Thanks for bringing me home for a few minutes this morning. :)

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  40. Just wondering if it's possible to ask your friends how they reinforced the sides so that they don't flex? We're installing the same thing but the tank maker tells us that with the roof welded on (which is how they're usually made) they become can flex quite a bit. I noticed there is some tubing around the rim of your friend's tank, not sure if it's poly/pvc or steel tubing which helps give the structure stability..?

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  43. looks so fun! And great photography moment...

  44. Hi Lily, lovely photos and what a great place!
    I love the grain bin idea and wondered if you and your friends were still loving it as well?
    I'm thinking of doing something similar on my farm. Thank you

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  46. Hello, I just fell head over heels for your writing style, your friends' pool, your pups, your art, and your penchant for trespassing. Oh, and your recipes. So - pretty much everything about this blog. Lihat cara merapatkan organ kewanitaan

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  51. I love it! I want to do something like this in my back yard. How big is this pool, where did you get it from and how do you drain it and what are you using to keep it clean and how often.

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