Monday, May 10, 2010

Show Recap

{People Showed Up and No One Threw Fruit}

Kittens, it was a fantastic night. I'm overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from those of you who inquired about paintings, and to you I say: I'm making more! I'm making LOTS more, and soon I'm going to slap some giddyup on my woefully outdated website* so that in the very near future you can buy them directly through me. And you will be the first to know when that happens.

Opening night was blast. In attendance: desert friends, new acquaintances, strangers, tourists, Brian's LA crew, a gentleman who may or may not be one of the guys from ZZ Top (see above) and a fellow in an orange jumpsuit who had either just escaped from prison or was part of the installation at the gallery across town. One can never be sure with this crowd.

Yes, those are two-finger gold wedding rings inscribed with Mr. on his and Mrs. on hers, with diamonds as the periods. I imagine they prohibit the protracting of the middle finger during traffic disputes, but who cares. This couple had it goin ON.

Outside in the Starlite Courtyard between the two galleries the Stormin' Mormons from Wonder Valley -the beloved Sibleys- banged out their signature desert rockabilly revival.

It was a magical night. And to top it all off one of my favorite bloggers made the trek out to he desert with her adorable husband to see the show. Which resulted in squeals of delight and lots of hugs, and confirmed what I have suspected for some time now: this whole blogging business has yielded some wonderful, precious friendships.

Hope you had a great weekend and mama's day. Gale-force winds prevented my mama from getting out here yesterday, but by late tonight she'll be falling asleep beneath a desert moon. Amid more gale-force winds. Thanks for all the lovely comments about the paintings. You guys are the cat's pajamas.

*What can I say? My webmaster is my HTML-whiz frat-boy cousin who stopped responding to my emails once he turned 21 and got a girlfriend. So the website, it languishes.


  1. I love it, love it when you share opening nights with us bloggers halfway across the world because it feels a little bit like I am there in the crowd. Looks like it was one spectacular night :)

  2. oh, my! i really didn't think anything would change when i refreshed your banner just now. but look! it's an update! and a really good one, too.
    uh, i don't know if this is helpful from a frequent-lurker-but-never-commenter, and you might already be familiar with this resource, and you might have decided that you hate it already, but i just built myself a nifty little website (for free, even!) at it's pretty handy, aside from the sort of desperate auto-generated emails they send you before you're actually done building your site.
    i get the idea that it's a young company that's interested in client feedback, and developing in response to it, which is good in my book.
    i don't usually say that many words in a first comment. i like your work, and your words. hi!

  3. I feel almost--almost--like I was there. What a magical night it obviously was.

    Big hugs,

  4. Hey Miss BigBANG, I've just realized I'm ACROSS the world from you (not halfway across). I wrote that first comment before my morning coffee.

  5. I'm not going to lie...I'm mad that I live in Oregon and couldn't get to see your show live. BUT I am excited to hear that in the (hopefully not too distant) future I'll be able to purchase a painting from you directly. I'm really glad that the show went well. And I really hope that you got that ZZ Top lookalike's autograph...because you just never know. :)

  6. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful night! I would love to make the trek to the desert someday for an opening night. You're so right about this blogging business yielding such precious friendships. I loved your mother's day wishes yesterday - thank you, lady! Have a lovely week! XOXO

  7. It was so exciting to finally meet you in person! The show was amazing, of course. And D and I were very, very curious about the jumpsuited man. I'm going with escaped convict/art afficionado as well, although I didn't realize the prisons provided jump suits with so many unnecessary zippers. Interesting.

    So sad that the crazy wind preventing your mama from making it for mother's day. Hope you guys are enjoying each others company now.

  8. oh, lily! it looks wonderful! what a night. one of these days i'll waddle my way down there.

  9. Lily, I snapped photos of you and your FABULOUS BOOTS and posted them on my blog. You were ravishing as always.


  10. HOPELESSLY sad i had to be in st. louis for a wedding instead of jtree for this!!


    just checked out the pictures on your test blog....

    who's a sucker for a BIG SKY?? me! me!

    can't stop looking at ocean fog (just like morning light). maybe it's the ocean fog all over my body (twas a damp mornin at the jewelbox) which is enamored with the image of itself above a desert wash. either way, i am in love. with them all. but especiale with your sprawling seeping skies. xx

  11. What great photos Lily!!! And, I am going to have to purchase one of these lovely paintings. XO

  12. Congrats on your show!! I just found your blog off of Rachel's at Heart Of Light, and LOVE it : ) These paintings are really lovely, I am coveting the ones Rachel picked up. Can't wait to see more!!

  13. Thanks gals! It was such a fun night *especially* because a fellow blogger showed up! I'm working on a new website right this very moment so paintings (and perhaps less expensive prints) will be for sale directly through me soooon....

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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