Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iced Coffee, N'Orleans-Style

{Life-Changing Cold-Brewed Coffee}

I was lurking around the backwaters of a new favorite blog and happened upon this post on cold-brewed coffee, and I've been making the stuff every morning since. The cold-brew approach calls for soaking ground coffee beans (and chicory, if you're a New Orleans-style purist) in cold water overnight, then straining it in the morning to yield a powerful, smooth coffee concentrate with zero bitterness. Pour over ice, temper with lots of milk, sweeten with a hit of maple syrup, and you're in Sunday morning heaven. I'm usually not one for three-letter acronyms, but OMG.

This will change your life, people. Scout's honor and cross my heart. Just try it.

New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee
Adapted from the NYTimes; order Blue Bottle Coffee's special chicory blend hereCoffee concentrate will last two weeks in the fridge. 

1/3 of a cup coarse ground coffee
1 1/2 cups cold filtered water
good dark-grade maple syrup or agave syrup
almond extract

In a glass jar gently mix coffee grounds and water trying not to agitate the beans too much. Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight, or twelve hours. Strain through cheesecloth or coffee filter to yield a dark, powerful coffee concentrate. Pour two inches or so of concentrate over ice, fill rest of glass with milk. For a Yankee twist sweeten with a glug of dark maple syrup; for a desert flava use agave syrup. Add a drop of almond extract to really put it over the top. Stir and enjoy.


  1. this sounds intriguingly delicious. i will suggest this to the coffee drinking boyfriend but he tends to shy away from iced idea why!

  2. Wow, you have completely sold this to me, and I'm not even a coffee drinker. This sounds absoloutely divine! x

  3. julia- funny, my huz isn't so into ice coffee either. Boys just don't know what they're missin.

    jaaaaz- so glad you dig the sound of it! i'm a big caffeine wimp (it gives me the shakes and i break out into a sweat) but because this concentrate is so strong you only need a wee bit, and the rest is milk. it seems to be the perfect amount of chutzpah for me in the morning without making me coffee-crazy.

  4. Am hooked just reading about it, will try this tomorrow! Thank you! They have a history of mixing chicory with coffee here too ( could be a left over effect of the time the French ruled Malta. There is no culture of iced coffee here so I am always inventing things and the no bitterness of this one seems right up my ally!

  5. Ooh...this looks like a must try! I was gone for a little bit and just caught up on your blog. Congrats on the show and I loved the pics of your time with your mom.

  6. mmmmm... i could go for one right about now!!

  7. Oh my dear this has already changed my life!!! Coffee, brewed at home in my sweet mug, over ice, maple syrup .... I have goosebumps. Thanks Lily!!! XO

  8. I'm addicted and I haven't even made a cup can this be?

  9. i must give this a try! thanks for sharing. glad i found your blog. i am your newest follower! glad to meet you. hope you can come by mine sometime. xo, alely

  10. um, this looks amazing. i suck at making iced's always too watered down. i'm trying this asap.

  11. making this TONIGHT! thanks for the inspiration....

  12. Today I am drinking this even though it is freezy outside. It is, as promised, marv.


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