Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess What Dolly Found

{A He-Tortoise!}

If animals were judged solely on the merit of the nouns associated with their anatomy then the endangered desert tortoise would be king. His entire ancient chelonian self is sandwiched between two spectacularly named shells: Below, the pale, smooth plastron. Above, the armor-plated carapace. No doubt he was off looking for the she-tortoise we found earlier in the spring. Slow moving but surprisingly libidinous, those desert tortoises.

Tomorrow: A wee announcement regarding the future physical location of bigBANG studio.


  1. Nice find Dolly!

    In Apple Valley, CA..the Lewis Center School, bought the remaining two miles of the Colorado River, which is really a dry creek bed, by that point. They acquired it to give their students the same opportunity as Dolly got today.

    Dog gone good.


  2. we had a tortoise interaction on our recent trip to the caribbean, more on that to come.

    i hope the future physical location of bigBANG involves proximity for a show in NY??

  3. Go Dolly. And go tortoise. And where will the Studio go? I will see tomorrow I suspect.

  4. Terri, for reals? Do those kids find and study desert tortoises? RAD!

    Re. new location...sadly, very, very far away from NYC. Hint: I'm trading this desert for another *very, very different* desert.

  5. I think you should read the novel "Come, Thou Tortoise" by Jessica Grant. Excellent book. Amazing Tortoise perspective.


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