Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Did What

{And What Got Did}

Panels, they got painted. Progress was made.

Chard, it got nibbled. By a something small and murine with discriminating taste in leafy greens.

Biscuit, he polished off the remains of an Easter breakfast while no one was looking.
Hot sauce and all.

Me, I savored a luxurious cup of Blue Bottle Coffee, brought special from San Francisco by a friend. (And which is now coming to Brooklyn, you lucky New Yorkers.)

Three other items of note: 1. We were woken from our Sunday afternoon naps by a bed-shaking earthquake. 2. The Hound of Love had a run-in with a rattlesnake. 3. Our wedding photos arrived today (!). I have pictures of the last two, but -I hope you'll understand- it's hard to take photographs of nap-time earthquakes.

Hope your weekend was earthquake and rattlesnake free.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see your wedding photos!!! And, Biscuit ate the hot sauce what great taste.. I love me some Chalua or Tapatio. These photos are great Lily, and I always love the variety of color in each one. BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE is by far my favorite coffee. When I am in the SF area, I will grab an extra bag for you and send it your way!! Keep on enjoying life lovely friend! xo

  2. yikes! i am glad everyone is okay. :) and what a cute post. i am craving that coffee.

  3. I'm down in Irvine right now, and we felt the earthquake just as we started eating the big Easter lunch! Wow! First time I've felt one this large - a bit unsettling and appetite surpressing if you ask me!

    Dying to get back to SF for my daily BB fix! Oh how I miss it!

    Cannot wait to see those wedding photos!

  4. Lilly;

    I was counting the days to the time you were going to mention rattlesnakes (very lively in the desert from what I have heard) and a most undesirable natural element in Ca. an eartquake.

    Glad to hear you guys are safe....and the Hound of love also...

  5. Ha! I was thinking the same thing right after the quake. I wish there was a way to photograph the feeling.

    And the beautiful brass table does indeed have it's own story - brought home with us from when my parents lived in Egypt, when I was too tiny to remember it.

  6. i heard about the earthquake this morning...hope everything is well with you.
    your easter weekend sounds like the perfect blend of productive and idle. can't wait to see your wedding photos!

  7. I thought of you and wondered if you'd felt the quake. Wow. Glad you're all safe after earthquake, hot sauce, and rattlesnake.

    Earthquake, Hot Sauce, Rattlesnake--my next book title . . .

    Cannot wait to see the wedding photos!!!! I'm not a big ! user, so you know I mean it.

    xo g

  8. I'm glad it all got did and eaten, my dear, especially the paintings part.

  9. Fun pics. Curious to know what camera you use? D and I decided a new camera would be a good monumental present for my 30th birthday.

    D and I were woken up by and earthquake. I lived in California for six years and never once felt an earthquake. A month after we moved to Illinois we were woken up by one in the middle of the night. Funny.

  10. yes earthquakes are funtastic as long as you are not in eminent danger...when i was younger i would scream for my i wonder if i had been drinking too much that scares me!

  11. earthquakes i'm beginning to figure out. rattlesnakes. that will be a whole new story!

  12. Rattlesnakes and earthquakes??! 2 huge fears of mine! Glad to hear the family is safe! XOXO

  13. What an extremely productive day.

    And your Biscuit and my Illa would make a winning team in the polishing off unlikely foods stakes.


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