Monday, April 26, 2010

What I Learned

{Three Lessons from the Weekend}

Exoskeletons Are Hard to Crack:
Time it takes a grown woman to bludgeon a shoe-sized scorpion to death with a wooden walking stick: three minutes. Time it takes to clean up the carnage: ten. (Emotional scars from entire experience presumably last a lifetime.)

Desert Love Triangles Always End in Stabbings:
A complicated love triangle between a local couple and a skinhead escalated into a brawl at our favorite infamous Wonder Valley watering holeand resulted in two people getting stabbed in the neck. IN THE NECK.

De-upholstering Trailers from the 1970s Requires Patience, Respirator Mask:
There were *three* layers of heinous 70s carpeting on the floor of the Scamp. The removal of which resulted in an extra inch of headroom for tall husbands. Win-win.

Hope you had a good weekend. I'm turning into a studio monster this week in the final push before two upcoming shows. Also, there are desert dandelions everywhere, and few things make my heart flutter like a corgi in a patch of wildflowers.


  1. This post makes me want to come visit you!!!! My sister had a scorpion in her shoe, and it stung her. It was the kind supposedly that aren't deadly but it did make for a great story. I told her she should get a tattoo of a scorpion in its honor. Love this photograph Lily, and enjoy painting ... I will be pulling late nighters writing away. Much love Lily! xo

  2. Holy poisonous beasties! I cannot even describe the willies I got just reading this. Between the scuttling, the stabbing, and the carpeting, I am freaking out, but I'm also confirmed in my belief that you lead the most interesting existence of any blogger I know.

    Hooray for the extra inch (which is not to be confused with an Angry Inch, which would lead us back to the second lesson learned). The Scamp is going to be so cool. Did you say you're putting down bamboo flooring? We have it in our place, and it's good stuff.

    Hope the work's going well. I finished a draft of my book, which is both good and terrifying. :)

  3. I must get myself to your bar. Sounds like my kind of place.

  4. Rough life out there. Especially the carpet bit.

  5. youza! thought you were going to say that the removal of carpteing beat the two stabbings in yuckyness but that it ended with more head room turned my youza and yuck to HURRAY!

  6. :-), the last picture just did it for me :-)

  7. YAY! Found your blog about a month ago, which prompted a road trip out to West Texas and Marfa (since I live in Austin and West Texas is desert-ish). Love coming here! Can't wait for more photos of the trailer.

  8. Delightful post my dear, glad you managed to tear out all the carpet and that you and your friend survived the meeting with a fiery scorpion!

  9. wow thats a lot of excitement like panic attack excitement...i will just take the corgi and the wildflowers...cant wait to see your trailor!

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  11. Anon, deepest apologies, and thanks for the thoughtful comment and link.
    Peace and love,


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