Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunrise with Biscuit: Bloom

{Part II}

Down below, the sun rose over a different desert. Here and there claret cup cactus showed off their first scarlet blossoms. Cactus wrens busied themselves weaving nests into fortresses of prickly cholla. If I looked carefully, there was life everywhere.

Back inside the Jeep the heater rattled and Biscuit uttered little porcine grunts of contentment.  It should be reported that nagging anxieties about The Future can be temporarily mollified by spring snow, blooming cactus, and corgyn chortles.

Especially corgyn chortles.


  1. your life in the desert is dreamy! makes me want to pack up and move out there... for the the cooler months of course!

  2. AMAZING photos! I envy your awesome desert experiences! XO

  3. Uff! Breathtaking photography, including the Corgyn one.

  4. Snow capped cholla, nothing like Spring in the desert to awaken your senses. Don't fret about the future dear girl, it comes whether you accept it or not, and today is for keepsakes, big kisses and sleepy contented dogs. There are things in life we will miss, places we would rather be. But this moment will always stay with you.

  5. how wonderful!!! love the snow, love the blossoms, love the desert...all together at one moment!

  6. Reading your desert stories is like visiting a fairy tale for me. I just love it!


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