Friday, April 2, 2010

Silverlake Crackers from Heaven

{Goat Brie and Mint with Apricot-Rosemary Jam}

Happy Friday, nougats. I'm officially on a studio bender and will cease all forms of human social interaction until I emerge safely on the other side of an upcoming show. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I can't share this simple hors d'oeuvre concoction that will blow your socks off when YOU have social interactions/ cocktail parties/ sit alone and listen to Fleetwood Mac. It involves three flavors that we love individually: goat brie (tangier than that pedestrian bovine stuff), apricot-rosemary jam and fresh mint. But all together in the same bite and delivered on a cracked-pepper cracker. BOO. YA. It's my secret weapon and I'm sharing it with you because we're pals and you need to try it.

Silverlake Crackers from Heaven
Invented during a last-minute "oh shit we forgot to make the hors d'oeuvres!" moment before a dinner party in a Silverlake apartment and perfected over many evenings with friends in Joshua Tree.

1 petite wheel goat brie
1 jar apricot-rosemary jam (if you can't find it in a fancy food store plain apricot jam will do just fine)
several sprigs fresh mint
1 box cracked-pepper table water crackers (Carr's is perfect)

Slather crackers with a dollop of jam. Throw a thin slab of brie on there. Sprinkle with chopped fresh mint with a dramatic flourish of the hand. Goes perfectly with any nutty Belgian brew like Chimay Rouge Trappist ale, which you can find at Trader Joe's and any good liquor store.

Have a marvelous weekend! And no, sadly, those are not my boots. They belong to my friend Maggie.


  1. Perfect for Friday night! Too bad it has SNOWED.

  2. brie and jam are not two things i particularly like. however i'm sure if you made me try one i would be surprised by how much i liked it. ingredients in combination can work like that.

  3. That sounds absolutely delicious!!!!I still need to try the lemon tart...I have a question though do you partially pre-bake the the ready made tart or do you put the whole thing in together? The recipe left me confused for some reason or it might have been the crying kids when I was reading it.

  4. Currently in the car en route to the in-laws, and you've just gone and made me hongree! Brie and cranberry have been a face till now, so I shall have to try this new combination for sure.

    Have a happy Easter. Don't get too lost in that there studio... xoxo

  5. Apricot jam with rosemary! I'm intrigued. We make homemade apricot jam every year, but we've never tried any interesting variations. We may have to do it this year - on the off chance that we actually get apricots since this weird up and down weather has completely confused our little tree.

    P.S. - If you're reading this - get back to your studio!

  6. Have a grand time in your studio. I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts. Mainly want to say how much I enjoy your blog - everything about it is wonderful. thanks very much for continuing to share so many things with your readers.

  7. I am so making this!!! You and I need to get together and just throw ourselves an hors d'oeuvres party!

    I hear you about the studio. I have become a hermit until I finish a draft of my book. It's not a pretty picture, me with uncombed hair, living off of pantry staples and tap water, but it's how the work gets done!

    Can't wait to see what magic you create. xo

  8. Saw this yesterday morning and just so happened to be throwing a dinner party last night in need of a fresh appetizer idea. So Voi-la!
    TJ's didn't carry the apricot w/ rosemary and didn't have time to swing by the fancy store. So we went for the straight up apricot. It had been raining all day and just as we put this happy fresh little appetizer out the sun came shining through our back porch.
    And of course, it was delicious.

  9. Genius! Well done on the spontaneous desert! We will be trying this here. Love the shot with the beer, cactus plant and of course the one with the boots. Happy trails on your painting seclusion, can't wait to see what emerges on the other side of your adventures there.

  10. This recipe will blow my socks off!!! MUCH LOVE LILY FRIEND! XO


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