Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Show

{And You're Invited!}

True World Gallery Presents:

Brian Leatart and Lily Stockman

Artists' Reception - Saturday, May 8th 7pm to 10pm
With music by The Sibleys in the Starlite Courtyard

61740 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree 

Our last show before summer hiatus features new work by two local artists which explores the ephemeral nature of structures, memories and life in the desert.

Brian Leatart is a professional photographer specializing in food and travel. His work has appeared on more than 120 covers of Bon Appetit, and numerous publications including Los Angeles Magazine, Esquire, In Style, Time Inc., and books such as Wolfgang Puck's Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen, Julia Childs', The Way to Cook, The Bel-Air Book of Southern California Food and Entertaining, Elegantly Easy Crème Brulèe, The California Pizza Kitchen Cookbook, The California Pizza Kitchen Pasta Cookbook, Nestlè Holiday Entertaining, The Quick Grill Artist, and numerous editions of Best of Bon Appetit. In this show, he explores the theme of disintegration through vision and memory in haunting black and white double exposure prints.

Lily Stockman graduated from Harvard's Visual and Environmental Studies Department with a summa cum laude thesis in painting. In 2004 she spent five months studying traditional Buddhist thangka painting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and returned after graduation with a grant from the National Geographic Expeditions Council to mount a cross-country horse trek documenting nomadic steppe culture. This adventure led to a position on the assignment desk of ABC news in New York City. She now lives and paints in Joshua Tree, CA with her husband and two dogs. A painting residency will take her to India in the coming year.

The abandoned homesteads which are the subject of this collection of paintings have become a metaphor for her experience as an outsider in a strange land. They are also emblems of the mythology of the West, Manifest Destiny, and the strange melding of physical and psychological landscape that happens in the desert. The homesteads are appealing subjects not only for their simple geometric forms, but also because of the stories implied by their vacancy.


  1. LILY. I mean I knew you were fucking cool. But, you are like really really really cool.

    (and meow, cat/bag?)

  2. Yay, yay, yay! It's Mother's Day weekend (we have enough mothers in our family to qualify for a whole weekend) but I'm going to see if we can't sneak out for the evening.

  3. sorry i can't make it, being across the country and all. have a blast!

  4. I've been poking around your art website and homestead paintings for weeks - so bummed I can't make this and that I have no excuses to be in Palm Desert through the end of June. And congrats. Have fun.

  5. I love the homesteads!! I wish I could see them in person! Have a great show!! xoxo

  6. I agree with Jamie! You're awesome.

    We will actually be there then, so I'm aiming to come! (you know, unless wedding-ing and honeymooning are too distracting ;))

  7. Um. My bio does not look like that.

    I hope the show goes wonderfully, my sweet!

    Also, India!!!

  8. Jamie: you give me waaay to much credit. i'm blushing. meow.

    Rache and Olivia- I'd probably go nuts with excitement if you two showed up. I'd break out into song, even. Wait, Olivia, is this the big weekend?! AHHH! So exciting!

    Jules, LA Love and Amanda x 2: THANK YOU!

  9. DUDE. You blow my MIND. One of the most interesting people EVER!! I feel honored to be in your internet presence!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Almost! I'll be there for the last week of May, so closer to the end of the show.

  11. I want to say Oh My Goodness, but really, I'm not surprised. It was clear that you're AMAZING. And India in the coming year? When? How exciting!

    Good luck for the show tomorrow! I'll be there in spirit...


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