Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Bird in Hand II

{A Morning Flycatcher}

Remember when the Hound of Love delivered a live quail to me one night? Early this morning while I was marveling at this Alabama folk art compound featured in the Times a little female flycatcher darted through the open front door and perched on my desk. I caught her, snapped a few pictures, and released her into the spring air none the worse for wear. And no dog slobber involved this time.

She donned little whiskies, as flycatchers are wont to don.

And a pink mouth inside her slender beak, like the inside of a shell.

And the dainty claws of a desert passerine, good for building nests out of snakeskin and rabbit fur. 

Thank you for the thoughtful comments about the civilization-vs-wilderness debate. One can't fully appreciate one without the other. Even Thoreau used to leave Walden Pond and sneak into town for Sunday suppers in the company of friends. So I'm pretty happy to take my rattlesnakes and flycatchers with an occasional side of LA traffic, architecture, old friends and amazing food. As my friend Maggie says, it's a pretty good gig.


  1. closing the distances, you are ms. l.s. we would be worried about your choice of lifestyle if you WEREN'T posting about little birds almost daily.

  2. so beautiful. i'm opening up my windows this moment in hopes one will land upon my desk so we can get to know each other.

    p.s. i buy my local wool at the davis, ca farmers market...perhaps you have someone near you in the desert with some sheep and you could arrange some trades ;)

  3. What a special treat, well done on safely escorting her back out into the spring desert air. What a delicate creature. Can't help but speculate... some sign finding its way straight into your hands.

  4. lucky there was that picture of a bird, or i might not have gotten past the phrase Alabama folk art compound

  5. ok, i guess a 'bama compound of any sort sounds suspect, but seriously, check out this cabin. it's amazing:

  6. You can do ANYTHING. You amazing lady.

  7. Wow! How cool is it that the little bird flew right to you! I love the pictures, its rare to be able to see a bird that close:)

  8. Ok, you caught a bird?
    You have mad skills girl.

  9. You have the best wildlife encounters of anyone I know. Hands (and wings and tail feathers) down.

    Okay, my verification word is "pentwing." I'm not kidding.

  10. Snake-wrangler and bird-catcher.
    I only saw two in the bush.


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