Tuesday, March 2, 2010


{New Work, With Itemized Checklist}

1. Sufficiently creepy to appease Goreyesque sensibilities: check.

2. Reference to an American patrician taste for rabbit during the pre-war era (i.e. blue rabbit fur coats and lapin à la moutarde for dinner): maybe.

3. Reference to 18th century Flemish still life painting (in which flayed rabbits, delftware and lusty tulips featured prominently): perhaps, but with recession-appropriate restraint.

4. Reference to Durer's Young Hare from 1502 (1502!): checkity-check.

5.  Balance between bold, gestural mark-making and a quiet economy of brushstrokes: getting there.

6. One more painting finished, dry and ready to hang: check check check.

Update: check out this amusing New York Times article about the controversial eating of wabbits.

Stacked / 30 x 30 in. / oil on panel / 2010

Note: It seems that the true colors aren't translating when I upload to Blogger, but in real life the eyelid is pink-pink-pink and the stack of bills/pancakes/roughage is that kelpy gold color that J. Crew loves to use in velvet trim. (Just in case you were wondering about leporine eyelids and the various hues of an oxidized avocado.)


  1. You've accomplished so much with less!! It is so dynamic. The color is fabulous, even if it doesn't come through exactly here. It is still looks great.

  2. I have ALWAYS been intrigued by leporine eyelids and the various hues of an oxidized avocado. :) That is stunning, true colours or no.

    Also love the new layout, and so happy to see you survived the period of solitude.

    (Now if only I coulg work out my excuse for bag-ladydom...)

  3. Looks amazing! And sadly, everyone's monitor is different, so it's nigh on impossible to see true colors online. Bums me out to no end.

    Favorite finger food I've made is empanadas, hands down. So easy to eat, and so tasty.

    Photos here ... http://heart-of-light.blogspot.com/2009/06/weekend-briefly_15.html

    Recipe links here ... http://heart-of-light.blogspot.com/2009/06/margarita-cupcakes.html

  4. ...and just when I had fallen in love with the ram, you bring this into the mix! *love*

  5. I lub him. He is the best bunny in all the land.
    He would be my main squeeze were it not for the hoggity hog hog.

    I want to rub his marvelous forehead and kiss his marvelous nose.

  6. adorable. But i kind of say it like A-doooor-A-ble.


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