Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Arrow Recap

{Opening Night at the Red Arrow Gallery}

The welded seams of the new red arrow sign were still hot when people started to arrive. 

Kay Tuttle's whimsical work stretched across the east wall; my weedeaters hung like cheeky sentinels along the west. 

The gallery swelled with local artists, musicians, Marines, writers seeking respite from LA, a woman sporting a jaunty coat she sewed from a gold laminate tablecloth, and a jovial fellow in town for a workshop on shamanism. (Because shamans need workshops too.)
There was the coming together of a diverse group of friends, amazing food, great wine, and the selling of paintings. All of which make yours truly outrageously happy.
One of the highlights of the night? The husband pop-n-locking across the gallery floor in the vintage cowboy boots I peer-pressured him into buying against his better Yankee judgment. There is no greater joy than spending a life married to a man with sick dance moves. Especially when one's own moves have not evolved since the eighth grade sock hop.
And the icing on the cake was that my beautiful sister who flew down from San Francisco happened to match with my commie goat painting. The older we sisters get the more moments like this become bookmarks of happiness in these new chapters of adulthood.

THANK YOU to everyone who made the night so magical. Whether you were there or not, if you're reading this you probably had something to do with it. So thanks. You're the cat's pajamas.


  1. Oh, I have always wanted to be the cat's pajamas. This is a red letter day for me, I tell you. Seriously, I am so very happy for your and your success. Congratulations!!

  2. Oh, so glad it went well! And so sad that family obligations + rain conspired against us making the drive out to be there. It looks fantastic - congratulations!

  3. So excited for you!! Congratulations Lily! XO

  4. I think your husband and my husband would be great dance buddies.

    CONGRATS on the show. Seriously. Well done.
    I will always love that HOG.

  5. Bravo Miss Big Bang! Congratulations!

  6. oh Lily, it looks amazing! I'm so glad to hear it was a big success! I want one of those weedeaters!! xoxo

  7. Ah, the post I was waiting for! Look at the paintings! The crowd! Wow Lily. Congrats.

    I caught a glimpse of you with your sister, then when I scrolled down again, you vanished and it was just your sister by herself ;)

  8. this looks like it was oh so wonderful! congratulations!

  9. Is that you with El Che goat? I love that goat. I love that dress, too. xo

  10. congrats, lily! your sister looks awesome next to the commie goat, which by the way, i wish i could buy, because it is so f--ing rad.

  11. Ooooh, it looks as fabulous as it should have been! Congrats my sweet!

    (And maybe your husband can give mine dance lessons.)

  12. OH LILLY!!!!
    I have been a little bit out of the loop lately, and just saw these.
    Wonderful; it is always so great when it ends with selling!!!!

  13. looks greatest! congratulations. :)

  14. Congratulations! What a great space, and it sounds like a great night!!


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