Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For This, For That

{A Visit to the Morrow Homestead}

For the sake of American condiments: a mustard cabin with ketchup accents.

For mid-century glassware enthusiasts: stained-glass windows made from thrift shop finds.

For spiritual efficiancy: a shrine where one can appeal to the Virgin Mother while simultaneously celebrating the Chinese New Year.

For those of you who forgot your upholstery needles: fruiting barrel cactus with shepherd's crook barbs.

 For gustatory rapture: stuffed jalapeƱos with bacon, roasted in a tiny 1947 oven.

For neighborly truces: a defunct water tank inhabited by barn owls and a birdhouse inhabited by mice.

Hope you're off to a good week. I'm behind in the studio, but man were those stuffed jalapeƱos good.


  1. For Pete's sake, I wish I were there! What glorious photos, as always.

    Can't wait to see what magic emerges from your studio next! xoxo g

  2. that doesn't sound like a very safe place for those mice.

  3. I can think of nothing more important than stuffed jalepenos.

  4. is there a recipe for the stuffed jalepenos???

  5. A Spiritual Efficiency!!!!
    That means all angles covered.
    Wonderful coloring on this series.

  6. Stuffed jalapenos WITH bacon?! My head just exploded. Must have them immediately.

  7. Anon and Rache- recipe for stuffed jallies WITH bacon coming soon.

    Really, I think my friend just bisected the peppers, removed the pith and seeds (that's where the heat comes from!), stuffed with cream cheese and some spices, and topped with bacon. Bake until marvelous and huzzah. Seriously tasty. I bet you could dress them up with some drizzled sweet balsamic reduction or something fun.

  8. Whoa...looks amazing. Will try soon.


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