Friday, March 26, 2010

The End of March

{And What That Means in The Desert}

The end of March has been shy here; cool, breezy days punctuated by the occasional warm afternoon. But finally, to everyone's delight, little buds have sprouted on the beavertail cactus like clusters of sea anemones. (Or Bart Simpson heads, if that's how you roll.)

The end of March also means the hound of love is shedding out her ermine coat. When one is met with such spotted, whorled magnificence one must wrap one's arms around the beastie and profess one's love. No mortal can resist. That is why she is the hound of love.

The end of March means that unsold paintings must be taken off gallery walls, packed up. Sold paintings must be readied for shipping to their new homes, one of which may or may not be Big Sur Bakery or its immediate environs.  Had I known this earlier I would have traded the painting for lifetime rights to free scones.

Hope you have a solid weekend. Us, we finished our taxes. I only cried once, but at least I had the dignity to hold it in until we left the tax office. P's going to LA so I'm going to workworkwork in the studio while he's gone and maybe see if I can't hunt me down some rhubarb tomorrow. Because oh yeah, above all else the end of March means one thing to me: the beginning of RHUBARB SEASON, which is the very best season of them all.


  1. Congrats on the sales! Yahoo! I love that you love rhubarb, because that means that I don't have to eat it. I will give it to you.

  2. oh i love rhubarb too! as a kid i used to eat it raw right out of the garden. do you do that? double congrats on all the sales.

  3. Big Sur Bakery! Lily, congrats, that's *big* news. I was just there last weekend, actually, and ate all my meals of a day there, with some lovely fiddle-playing accompanying my dinner. A magical home for your wonderful work.

  4. Some day I'm going to sell a lot (or at least a large, expensive piece) of jewelry to be able to buy a room full of your paintings to make me smile at my walls (my goal for 2010)! Have a wonderful weekend, lovely Lily! xo

  5. "Had I known this earlier I would have traded the painting for lifetime rights to free scones."


  6. You can eat your rhubarb dear, but I'll have the Beavertail Cactus and it's beautiful muted colours. There is such a sense of achievement while packing your paintings to ship it off isn't it?

  7. You're really amazing, you know that? Your art, your writing, your blog, your meals, your limericks...what a very lovely soul you have.
    -Summer @ modernhaus

  8. Yay for rhubarb! It's my husbands favorite and I'm committed to making him as many rhubarb laced treats as I can this season.

  9. Rhubarb compote! Rhubarb pie!

  10. Lily ... RHUBARB IS YUM YUMMMM!!! You know this though.... I wrote about a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie I had at a local coffee shop, oh my, heavenly!! Much love sweet Lily! XO

  11. a trade for goodies from the Big Sur Bakery would have been such a good deal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! Congrats on the sells!!

    I LOVE spring in the desert! We were just in Anza Borrego this last weekend, hoping to make it out to Joshua Tree before it gets too warm.

  12. Oh, you finished! Congratulations! Me, I pretended they didn't exist for the weekend. Will finish them this week.

    Love seeing the paintings all ready to go out to homes.

  13. I want to hug the hound of love right now. So adorable.
    Ps. Hooray for rhubarb lovers. :)

  14. Holla! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! To address your specific questions, needs and outrageous claims:

    Mlle- I missed that childehoode experience, namely because we were told it was toxic raw. Now I'm realizing this was a foil to keep us rugrats outta the garden.

    Claire- only you would find as much unbridled joy in the Big Sur connection as I. I'm tickled pink you, the real writer, are reading my nonsense here.

    Manda Mae- you very MUST come out to JTree on your next desert excursion.

    Gio- you can come hug the hound of love any time. She's seriously like my husband's heart pressure reducer.


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